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What's great about the NAMC...

I have been busy at work and life, and not spending as much time "digging in" here at "the Circle" as I used to do. In returning after some months, it was nice to see that we have so many new members, and LOTS of interest in SFTC XII...kudos to Suzanne Doucet for keeping it all going for 12+ years, my good friend is a TIRELESS promoter of the New Age genre and I truly hope someone gives her an award for it one of these days!

Another observation that I made about this group is how nice it is to visit a very "concentrated" community of New Age artists and fans, as opposed to searching the overwhelming Internet and the multitude of FB Groups that seem quite repetitive these days.  I think we are seeing a return to focused "forums" like this one...with the new ability to share images, videos and events that go far beyond the discussion groups of the 80s & 90s.

That said, this CIRCLE now has so much content and so many members, that it could be used 10x more than we currently use it...for sharing music & videos, finding collaborations, sharing contacts, creating a house concert network, cross-promoting your streaming accounts and videos, etc. 

I encourage you to visit more often, connect harder, share more and ASK for what you want and need...state your dreams and intentions! We are an audience of peers who "gets it."  

What would you like to see more of here on The Circle?

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