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Looking for new collaborations!

Hi wonderful people,

I am new to the site and am very grateful to be apart of it!

I wanted to post this blog as I wanted to know if there were any music producers and song/lyric writers who are looking for a vocalist to bring their musical works to life? 

A bit about me; I am a London born singer and have been singing in a new age pop band for a few years. I now feel I would like to try singing a slightly different style and also experiment with singing other people's songs. My favourite person right now is Enya ;-)

You can see my website of what I am currently doing, but as I said, am very open to trying something different!

Please get in touch if this resonates with you!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



PS If you know of any other websites that I can go on to find new age musicians, then I would be most grateful!

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My friend, the brilliant, kind, and generous Ray Lynch lost his house and studio in the Lake County, California Wildfire this month.  

You may know Ray as the award-winning composer behind Deep Breakfast.  I got to know him through interviewing him for the Quick to Listen podcast.

Ray and his wife Kathleen have homeowners' insurance and are currently staying with family.  Fortunately, as well, Ray was able to preserve the manuscript for his upcoming book on consciousness and sacred mathematics.  However, the Lynches have also lost a tremendous amount, including much of Ray's recording equipment.  These funds will help them pay for furniture, transportation, and other basic expenses until the insurance comes through.  Especially after he's (voluntarily) been out of the public eye for so long, I know that Ray's spirits will be lifted when he sees that his friends and listeners, whose lives he's so enriched, support him.  

Spread the word, but please don't tell Ray and Kathleen.  I'd like this to come as a surprise.

Grant Valdes Huling
[linkedin] [website]

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Lodging/conscious room rental during West Coast tour?

Well... the universe said ‘step out into the world and share your light’ and I accept the challenge. After 13 amazing years, tomorrow, I step away from Hawaii and embark on an adventure, which will begin with a West Coast US tour of Inner Journey Music Concerts, Lightwork and Chakra Journey workshops. The music is based around my soul instrument...the Zen Japanese Shakuhachi flute. You are welcome to hear my CD (free)  Would love to hear from any of you, as to what you experienced listening to this music (lol...headphones, please?). If you enjoy the music and intention, and have a desire to assist my mission (with lodging suggestions/offers, promotion, even just sharing event info.) id be most appreciative. The tour begins in Bellingham , WA on 10/2/15 , i arrive in Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Portland) on 9/12.
Peace and Light, Alan.10862990294?profile=original

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