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Hi all, wanted to share this relaxing ambient music I recently composed on an Akai AX60 analog synth and an Eventide Timefactor delay pedal.

For me, the sound and visuals are deeply introspective and emotional... likely has something to do with this time of year, being the holidays and all.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.... thanks for listening.



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The latest Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" is now available on CD or Digital Download.

A harmonious two track release primarily created in silent reflection that is 90% live and in the moment. All music was conceived on a very minimal arrangement of electronics mainly one analog and two digital PCM synthesizers with little to no use of a computer except for the final recording stage.

Drawn on travels to the coastlines of Southern Oregon and Northern California. The immense beauty and tranquility of the surf and splendor the terrain became a channeled experience for the eventual genesis of this release.

Available here on cd and digitalia.

"Inspired by the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean. A two composition ode to the muse of the liquid cosmos of deep enigmatic allure. A crystalline molecular matrix of electronic sound and gossamer timbral aesthetics. A subtle quietude of articulation that oscillates within the harmonic currents."

Any DJ's or music reviewers who would like comp. copy please feel free to message/email me: alphawav2 at

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Debut Album - Jennifer Ann 'Reflections'

Hi everyone,

I recently released an album that I would like to share with the community. My name is Jennifer, I am a pianist/contemporary classical composer as well as a music therapist. I take inspiration from artists such as Einaudi, David Lanz, and George Winston. The tracks on the album feature a combination of piano solo and piano with electronics. The links are below:




I welcome any feedback! 

Best wishes,


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