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“Arcanum Secret” is an album that collects moods, reveals moments of reflection and emotion painted with sounds ranging from the intimate to the engaging orchestral to pianism, mixing classic tone colours to carpets rhythmic electronic rarefied rarefied atmosphere and depth universal walks between land enchanted forests and primordial landscapes, all expertly blended into a "secret" trip to the "secrets" of a fictional cinematic vision.
Notes of a journey between yesterday and tomorrow, today in the midst of a rarefied, suspended, question, introverted, mysterious, romantic, futuristic.

The ten tracks from "Arcanum Secret" have a common bond in that "sound visualization" that obvious that one wonders to what film were composed. There is, at least for now, a film by enriching with atmospheres signed Eternalkeys (born Mimmo D'Ippolito), and then while listening to my mind has materialized scenes, episodes, plots, shots, visions, images of a "film" seen or to be invented, hiking in beautiful ancestral (Dragon's Gate) or fantasy-space (Future City, Parallelives), scenes from fairy tales (Farewell To childhood) or heroic (Monumental Sign, Second War), dreams rarefied that materialize (Glacial Wind) or click on a novel love (Letters and Pages) ...

When the music moves the gears of fantasy and imagination neurons, when shocking heartbeats and leaves us never to follow paths trampled driven by a wind of emotions, the listener, a marriage just perfect.


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Alchymie Re-releases Earth Sky Album

Alchymie re-releases Earth Sky by Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka. An ambient meditative project primarily focused on piano but with electronica elements,  that is based on the visual, emotional, and sensory experience that both the earth and sky can impart.  Through music we are able to experience the interconnectedness of our earth, our sky, our senses and ourselves. 

Enjoy :)


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Embrace Music Video

Hi everyone, I am in the process of creating a music video for my new song "Embrace" and would love to invite you to be in the video. What I'm looking for is either a picture or short video clip of you holding a sign with one word that goes after "Embrace". Example: Embrace "Music". So the one word would be music. The word can be anything you choose. Please, nothing negative or cursive. I have set a deadline of May 31st to send, so plenty of time. If you live near a famous landmark or a neat photo idea, ...that would be fantastic. If you would like to participate, please send the image or video clip to I will use every single one that is sent so long as it can be made public. Invite your family and friends as well. If you choose to participate, I'll send you a copy of the song "Embrace" via MP3; I would just need an email address to send to. The song is just over 6 minutes long and I hope to get as many in as I possibly can. Thank you for your time. Many Blessings, Craig!/events/307802176019221/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

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check out harlequins enigma`s latest 5 albums - td sound 1 feat. tangerine dream & klaus schulze, discord feat. j.m. jarre, one ticket from loneliness to happiness please feat. kitaro, enter compilation album & octagon vol.5 compilation album, available @ itunes & spotify now!


discord, td sound 1 & octagon vol. 5 have all receicved 5 out of 5 stars from reviews via ariel publicity


additionally here are links to our reverbnation store with selected releases, where 50% of the income go to charity organization beat making lab. - welcome in for a listen & shopping :)


i feel a little like a bird now that some of our material have been mastered. once i can pay off some debt i will release a pop album with pop & dance tracks called: champagne pop at chimp champ`s pop corn party, td sound 2 & stargazer full. the future will also see after this a platinum collection with 25x2 best of files & 1 volume with 25 unreleased tracks - hold your breath! when this time has come i will probably take bird classes & take a spin :] - how bout a holiday? maybe my holiday as a free quack :]




åge riisnes / harlequins enigma 21.04.2013

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