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Winner of “Best Eclectic” at the 2013 Independent Music Awards, Ethan Matthew’s Pacific NW-based Echo Us holds aim with live acoustic set and new video single.



Echo Us’ upcoming album, 2:12, À Priori Memoriaé is on its way in 2014, and the video for the first single “Nightlight” is now available for viewing on youtube and soon other streaming websites. Nightlight is a very special song within the Echo Us catalog with vocalists Ethan and Henta morphing their interlocking vocals amidst a background of classical harp, strings and oboe. The Nightlight video also features the photo animation work of Ethan, who’s animated Echo Us short “The Mirror In The Window” was released to great success in 2011.


The new album also features Raelyn Olson (harp), Chris Smith (Flute), Christina Fitzgerald (Oboe), and as mentioned, the vocals of GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Henta.

The album sounds like it was recorded live in the studio or in many cases - a concert hall, [Ethan says]. It has this very unbridled energy, and even taking sections where it was just me and a record button, it has that spark like a large ensemble...this kind of surprised me, and has been a big inspiration for getting back to gigging”



In so following, Ethan and Raelyn are playing live acoustic sets of Echo Us material in the Pacific Northwest this Fall and beyond, including an in-store appearance at Music Millennium on November 9th (5pm). Echo Us is formulating their plans for the release of 2:12, À Priori Memoriaé- complete list of live performances follow on 




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A message from the New Age Music Circle (a slight modification of an email message I received today)

Grammy Ballots Must Be Received (NOT POSTMARKED)
By October 30, 2013

1st round ballots for the 56th Annual GRAMMYs have now been distributed to voting members of The Recording Academy. We are not asking anyone to vote for any particular artist, so all we are asking you to do if you are a voting member is VOTE CONSCIOUSLY!

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This is a dream come true for me. Being on the same list with the maestros who have defined New Age and shaped its elegance over the years with their works. My studio album DREAMING THE AFTERLIFE is now in the 1st round New Age Ballot.

Cinematic Orchestrations, Melancholic piano solos, fast piano improvisations, ambient soundscapes and ethnic musical styles - You can listen to all the compositions from this link below.

To any NARAS member - If you like the music, your consideration in New Age category will be greatly appreciated.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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We are pleased to announce the release of “Return to Mingulay” The Debut album Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5 featuring 9 beautifully crafted songs.


Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5 is a progressive folk rock band fronted by UK singer songwriter and solo artist Andy John Bradford. When you think of Progressive music, you tend not to imagine a 200 year old traditional tune with sea shanty lyrics. However, "prog" is exactly what Folk Singer/Songwriter Andy John Bradford had in mind when he approached guitarist Colin Tench, with The Mingulay Boat Song. Colin Tench (BunChakeze, Corvus Stone & The Minstrel’s Ghost) to help out.


They assembled an unlikely band, purely to record this one song, and they produced a version of The Mingulay Boat Song unlike any version before. They cared not if anybody actually wanted to hear such a version.


This lineup clearly had great chemistry and despite the fact that they were all busy with their own bands, and they all agreed that this band has something to say. Andy has a great feel for songwriting and Oceans 5 are proving to be rather good at twisting music into a whole new art form, from bouncy sing-along songs to songs with an epic feel.
The debut album "Return to Mingulay" could be considered a progressive folk rock album with an old fashioned crossover style. Nothing too clever or extreme just oceans of melodies, there are 5 core members in Oceans 5 and although they are all influenced by progressive music they all have very different approaches to composition and style. This combination has resulted in songs that really don’t sound like something you’ve heard before. The music owes more to the “anything goes” philosophy of the 70s than the finely tuned precision of 2013.  There are clearly echoes of The Strawbs, Pink Floyd and even Thin Lizzy here.

Side Note: Music should never be a perfect science. It should be a conversation with many opinions, unrestricted by language or bias.

Meet The Band:

Andy John Bradford (Solo Artist): 12 String Guitar and Vocals
Colin Tench (BunChakeze, Corvus Stone & The Minstrel’s Ghost): Guitars
Marco Chiappini (Gandalf's Project): Keyboards
Stef Flaming (Murky Red): Bass Guitar
Victor Tassone (Unified Past): Drums & Percussion

10862992686?profile=originalArtist: Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5
Album Title: Return to Mingulay
Label: Melodic Revolution Records
Catalog Number: MRR CD 22021
Release Date: October 7th 2013

Track Listing:
01. The Mingulay Boat Song
02. The Whitby Smugglers Song
03. Empty Hands
04. Five O’clock Line
05. Dancing With The Rhythm Of The Shore
06. Invictus The Captain Of My Soul
07. Sails Off The Bay
08. 6000 Friends
09. Fly Away

Featured Guests:
Lorelei McBroom (Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones & Rod Stewart): Vocals (6000 Friends)
Andres Guazzelli (The Nekare Project, Corvus Stone): Piano & Orchestration (6000 Friends, Fly Away)

Artwork :
Sonia Mota

Official Website:

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Dear members

Here is a word of caution for those who are listed on the 1st round Ballot for the upcoming 56th GRAMMY® AWARDS and who are trying to get the word out to the music industry community. First of all be discrete in your announcement. Choose your words carefully and make sure you respect all rules and all copyrights owned by the Academy. You should ALWAYS put an R in a circle behind the word GRAMMY®. It is a registered copyright and the Academy owns it. Even though they allow you to promote your album and the listing on the Ballot you have to follow their rules strictly, otherwise you might risk to get disqualified!

Whatever you publish online or in printed format HAS to follow their guidelines. Also on your various websites! Please be cautious and make sure you have the approval for everything you do from the Academy. I would contact my local chapter to find out exactly what wording is allowed including all the necessary copyright references.

If you have any concerns or questions contact your local chapter of NARAS. They can give you the appropriate answers.

Good luck for everyone on the Ballot.

Best wishes


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Handel's Largo electronic music

I have listen to the Handel's Largo a few years ago in a United airplane. From time to time, I have been searching for this interpretation as it was the most beautiful way of expressing such heartfelt music.

It sounds mostly like the Tangerine dream version without the clarinet and even more like a musical wind with breathing sound.

I would be greatful if anyone would know who played this interpretation.

Thank you

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