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For those who may be interested - Espers has been officially remastered and re-released on Dope Records for the digital price of $8.

This version sports new artwork by Fariz Suleiman and new mastering by Russian Composer and IDM/Industrial artist Tokee. Zircon's previous and miraculous work still exists here, we just gave it an update for better volume, bass presence and clarity.

About the album:
Espers is a loose concept album that I started April of 2009 just to get something done. Most of what I had were ambient/new-age instruments and samples, so I went along with that and worked endlessly to try to make one of the most unusual and unique ambient/new-age albums around. It was an extremely difficult production, but it was totally worth every step of it. I was inspired by a lot of Peter Gabriel, Metroid Prime, Chrono Cross and Steve Hackett and I about destroyed my computer trying to honor those influences.


1. Tritochiark - Vestigial Dreamcatcher for the Heavenly Integer [8:07]
2. Ornamekias - A Slight Wave From the Hill Above [6:51]
3. Amenemhetopelzai - Ancient King Lost In Memories [7:43]
4. Saelmeth - The Rusted Voice of a Forgotten Godwraith [6:28]
5. Icidina - Royal Highshiva of the Glacierplains [7:04]
6. Maria Le Pitruzelluca Celeste XVII - The Sound of God's Love Made Flesh [7:43]
7. Navi Whisperwilde - The Forest Sprite and the Mana Spirit in Eternal Recurrence [7:04]
8. Sagetellah - The One Who Waits for the Life to Come (Featuring Michael Huang) [9:57]

TOTAL TIME: 60:53 minutes.

* All tracks composed by Meteo Xavier.
* Piano Performance and re-interpretation by Michael Huang of
* Post-mixing work and initial master by Andrew Aversa of
* Final master by Anatoly Grinberg (Tokee).
* Computer and samples provided by Brad Burr.
* Artwork and digital sleeve design by Fariz Suleiman of

And let me know if I forgot to thank anyone. Credit goes where credit is due.

Please support this album not for my sake, but for Dope Records. After 4-5 years of insanity and hardship from a variety of other music people, game companies, commissioners, and so forth, the guys at Dope Records are my karmic reward for enduring all of it. These guys have been nothing short of fantastic and supportive to me from day 1 of meeting them and I humbly ask this community to share some support back.

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Eternalkeys – “Arcanum Secret” 2013

10862986272?profile=original10 New Soundtracks of Mistery Composed by Mimmo D’Ippolito


Mimmo D’Ippolito / Eternalkeys is Back with a new album out on this winter 2013 calls “ARCANUM SECRET”. Album is composed by 10 tracks of Instrumental music that ranging between Ambient, Neoclassical, Film Music – Score – Themes, Electronic, melancholic sound of piano, orchestrations, pads…a travel between our cold world, prophecies, natural disasters, solitude and weaknesses of human being, past memories, drama themes, flight into fantasy worlds, Mysteries and unknown with the Classic trademark of the project. Album is produced, Composed and performed by Mimmo D’Ippolito, Artwork Picture by Mimmo D’Ippolito  represents some tops of secular trees symbol of continuity in time, eternity, silences, peace, mistery dominates by green colour that representing hope.


“Arcanum Secret” Tracklist:


-         Letters and Pages

-         Second War

-         Parallelives

-         Memories Gone

-         Dragon’s Gate

-         Future City

-         Farewell To Childhood

-         Monumental Sign

-         Glacial Wind

-         Train Bridge


All Soundtracks Composed, Performed and Arranged by Mimmo D’Ippolito


Recorded by Marco Lovato and Mimmo D’Ippolito

Mixed by Nicola Farina


Album will come out in all the best Digital Stores around the world (I tunes, Amazon, E Music, Simfy, 7 Digital, Nokia…), Web Radios (Last Fm, Deezer, Rdio, Spotify, Much noise, Radio Indy, Rhapsody, Mog …), Music channels (Myspace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, MixCloud, Reverbnation, Soundclick, IComposition, Jamendo,…) Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google Plus…), Video channels (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe…), Labels are Esound Netlabel , Wondermark . 

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2012 ZMR Music Awards

2012 ZMR Music Awards

Absoluteley fantastic news, The Speaking Earth has made  it to the long list of qualifiers for the Best Electronic Album in the 2012 ZMR  Music Awards. This is tremendous news for SOUNDICIAN and I would like to thank  all those DJ's, Radio Stations and Reviewers who have kept with us all these  years and supported our music. A big thank you to you all, it means a great deal to me. Best Wishes Odette / SOUNDICIAN

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