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Daniel Pearl-World Music Days!

Please join us in celebrating the memory of Daniel Pearl.

"Together with a diverse group of Honorary Committee artists, we celebrate and support the Foundation's mission of using the power of music to promote cross-cultural understanding and remind people of all cultures and religions that we share a common humanity." - R.E.M.

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While not New Age in style, Bobby Susser creates consciousness-raising music for kids, and we all know kids need all the encouragement they can get to make it through our wild world.  The award-winning singer/songwriter offers thoughtful albums in various musical styles covering foundational topics like Respect & Confidence, Better Together, Wo! and many more.  While his is a favorite collection of teachers & librarians,  it is relatively little-known by parents.  This is not your average kindie-pop fare, check it out:

Share the upbeat video "Smiling Face":

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