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Hi Guys Great to be able to share in this space

I added some sound cloud widgets to my page - you can follow them to the two accounts I have there and find some more demos and a meditation track - Shell Beach (in the recent acount) and a relaxation/rebirthing piece in the former account, it winds up as it goes from native american rainforest style relaxation to tribal percussion and an amazon rainforest vibe beat -its called shamanic crysalis.

Enjoy & Blessings

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Hi all

I'd like to announce the launch of my first spa/relaxation album "Awaken". It's an hour of soothing piano works and instrumentals designed to ebb away the stresses of everyday living. It's available for digital download through

you can have a listen at this link:

Many thanks for all your support. God bless

Eamonn Karran

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Solo Piano Music In The Year 2012

When I talk about solo piano music, I'm talking about modern solo piano music.  To be clear, this is not a discussion about classical piano music written by the "great masters."  But rather, the "great masters" of today in the world of solo piano.  At least I would call them "great masters."

Solo piano today, stylistically, is a combination of many different influences.  And, just like any other genre, each composer has his or her own "flavor" of composition.  The genre goes by many different names; "New Age" piano, "Contemporary" piano, and so on.  Often those who don't listen much to the "solo piano" genre, haven't done their research, or are classical piano purists will dismiss this style of music, saying that it lacks technique and artistry.  They couldn't be more wrong.  It's different from what they're used to, and the scope of technique and artistry is vast, varying from pianist to pianist.  It's an unfair and unjust assumption, and it's based purely on uneducated opinion in regard to "New Age" piano.

There is a very large market for New Age piano in today's world, and there is a very strong network of composers whose efforts have pushed this genre forward and into the public eye.  Of course there are the pioneers, who include David Lanz and Will Ackerman.  And there are those who've been around for a while like David Nevue, who with his "Whisperings" radio show and "Music Biz Academy" website have made invaluable contributions to the world of New Age music.  And there are newcomers on the scene who are helping to shape solo piano music and further it's evolution into something fresh and new.  Scott Davis comes to mind.

People who love New Age piano music are fiercely loyal.  Often they become fans of numerous artists, enmeshing themselves in the beauty of these compositions.   These are people who, typically, have a very open minded view where their tastes are concerned, ever expanding their palate to embrace more new and different material.  These people really "hear" the differences from song to song, album to album, artist to artist.  It's baffling to me how many highly educated pianists dismiss New Age music for reasons already stated, while many who can't play or sing a note embrace it.  And in discussion, the uneducated are much more engaging and less opinionated.  They have valid, creative things to say on the subject of solo piano, where the former group have critical words and a demeaning spirit.  One doesn't have to wonder who's really more open, honest and receptive in their listening.

Solo piano music is certainly an enigma in and of itself in the year 2012.  Its own style with it's own following.  When I compose, I always begin with piano, and nothing else.  Sometimes the piece stays that way, and there's nothing to be added.  Sometimes, in my mind, there needs to be more.  Strings, pads, percussions, the possibilities are endless.  And what a journey it is to explore all of those possibilities.  "Piano driven" music is my specialty, and I'm finding more artists who compose this way all the time.  It just may be the next hottest thing in the piano world!

To listen to fresh, new, "piano driven" music, check out my online radio station at  I know most of the artists personally, and I can tell you that they're great people with even greater dreams and visions for our world, both socially and musically.  Keep searching, and keep listening!

Donovan Johnson is an internationally recognized New Age pianist and recording artist. His music combines folk, classical and contemporary styles to create a unique sound all it's own, and is available  through many websites and radio stations.  To learn more, visit his website at Or visit his online New Age piano radio station at!

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A Connection Between Music and Baby?

I recently had a son.  He's five months old today, and I'm very proud of my boy.  Last November when he was born, I couldn't help but look immediately at his hands as he came into the world.  Being a full time pianist, my eyes immediately looked in that general direction (And btw, he's got very big hands and very long fingers : ).  I asked myself some questions about him, and what his experience in this world would be like.  Some of those questions, of course, pertained to the world of music.

I've learned that my son, whose name is Leif, already has an appreciation for music.  And he recognizes certain pieces.  He's comforted by it, and as a newborn, music was often the only thing that would calm him as he was having a bout of colic.  Where the vacuum cleaners, car rides, and pacifiers all failed, music was able to come through for us.  And not just any genre of music either.  

I made an interesting discovery after Leif was born.  What he heard in the womb was familiar to him, clearly.  He recognized my voice, and of course my wife Barbara's voice  as well.  But he also recognized my music.  During the last two trimesters of Barbara's pregnancy, I had hit my peak work season.  I was preparing for my "October" CD release, and finishing up in the studio.  I was also preparing for my annual "Sounds Of The Night" concert in October, my "Vince Guaraldi And The Peanuts" concert weekend in November, and my "Winter Solstice IV" concert at Witherspoon Hall here in Omaha.  Any of these events on their own were a huge undertaking, and I was swamped like never before.  As a result, I was practicing night and day for months in addition to the marketing of the shows, securing of details, CD production, and daily lessons.  Needless to say, I was a busy guy.  

Barbara was used to listening to me practice at home.  There was no way to get away from it, really, as it was almost constant.  She used to tell me that when I played, Leif would stop kicking, and I was skeptical.  Skeptical that is, until he was born.

Leif was a very colicky child for several months.  He would scream at the top of his lungs and stay on pitch for hours.  He'd turn red and purple.  Nothing we did would end the incessant screaming.  Except when I played the piano.  And particularly, when I played my pieces.  It was fascinating to watch!  He would instantly stop, look at me, look around, and sit for a few minutes before finally falling gently asleep.  I'd never seen anything like it.

Admittedly I was a little embarrassed to have been skeptical in the first place.  After all, I'm a musician, shouldn't I have had a little more faith in the power of music?  But over the last five months what I've come to discover is that through this experience, I hold music at an even higher level than I did before.  I've always believed music to be extremely powerful.  But now, I know that it's an unstoppable force when it's crafted as such.  I believe that music has the power to move people to go places they could only imagine before, and heal people in ways that no medicine can.  I may even go so far as to say that it has the power to move mountains.  After all, it did stop my son's colic.

To you mothers who are reading this article and expecting, please don't take this lightly.  Those people who play Mozart to their babies who are still in the womb are not "weird" or "crazy."  The influence that music has in the mind and soul of an unborn baby (and a born baby for that matter) is valid and it's real.  Give it a try, you might learn something!  I did.  And I have my son Leif to thank for it.

Donovan Johnson is an internationally recognized New Age pianist and recording artist. His music combines folk, classical and contemporary styles to create a unique sound all it's own, and is available  through many websites and radio stations.  To learn more, visit his website at Or visit his online New Age piano radio station at!

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If you're familiar with pianist Donovan Johnson, you may be familiar with his online radio station "Enlightened Piano Radio."  And if you are a piano artist yourself, there is exciting news for you to consider!  Enlightened Piano Radio is  now conducting reviews for Contemporary/New Age recordings, free of charge.  

Founder Donovan Johnson explains:  "I just love modern piano music.  And there is so much of it being written and recorded today that it's impossible to keep up with it all.  One way for me to stay on top of things is to review the work of others!  And I'm happy to do it.  In addition, I'm always looking for new Enlightened Piano artists to add to the radio station."

"Enlightened Piano Radio" has been around for only a year now.  It's a growing radio station, and the music that Donovan selects is hand picked.  In fact, he works with most of the "Enlightened Piano" artists personally.  "I believe in working with people, to be of service to them and to the audience that they're trying to reach.  I know very well how hard it is to try to do everything on your own.  The composing, practicing, marketing, recording and producing, website maintenance, the list goes on.  That's why I'm here to help in any way I can.  That's why Enlightened Piano Radio exists at all.  And if I can find one more way to encourage and support the writers and composers of this great genre of music, I'll do it."

"Enlightened Piano" plays music by a few of the well known artists such as George Winston, and Yanni, but more of the music on it's airwaves comes from lesser known, nationally recognized artists.  David Nevue, Doug Hammer and Joseph Akins to name a few.  The station genre is more or less New Age, but branches out into the Contemporary and Neo-Classical categories as well.  Each month the radio station chooses an "artist of the month," and every year an "Enlightened Piano" concert is held in Omaha Nebraska, featuring Donovan and one of the station artists.

Donovan is excited about the new direction the station will be taking as the music review process unfolds.  "I see the album review portion of the Enlightened Radio project as just one more way for me to immerse myself in the music that I love, give someone else an outlet to be heard, and offer something meaningful to the public.  It's a privilege for me to be able to do what I do, and this is one more way for me to give back."

The first review has been posted on the Enlightened Piano Radio website.  You can view it at:

If you're interested in a review, Donovan can be reached at:  He asks that you let him know a bit about yourself, your style, and anything else relevant.  Once the album is reviewed (could take up to 4 weeks), the review will be posted on the Enlightened Piano website, along with and CDBaby.  

Donovan Johnson is an internationally recognized New Age pianist and recording artist. His music combines folk, classical and contemporary styles to create a unique sound all it's own, and is available  through many websites and radio stations.  To learn more, visit his website at Or visit his online New Age piano radio station at!

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Relaxing Excursions on

The former radio broadcast 'Night Vision Classical Radio at Live365 has now been reborn as 'Relaxing Excursions' at SkyFM, where we hope to reach a broader audience offering quality music, each track handpicked by the Channel Director Ken Myers

If your music taste borders around relaxing, quiet introspective type works in the modern classical and new age genres then this would probably be worth checking out.

Let Relaxing Excursions provide the soundtrack for your life


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It used to be big … New Age music that is. Back in the 1980’s along with Wham and Madonna, a new style of music popularized by pianist George Winston emerged. It was called ‘new age’ because of it’s soothing, eclectic sound. But for reasons unknown, disappeared from the music scene.

10862987893?profile=originalBut now it’s making a comeback. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Mr. Weiss owns and operates a website that teaches, you guessed it, New Age piano. The site now boasts over 100 lessons that promise to teach the complete beginner how to improvise and compose music in the gentle flowing style known as ‘new age.’

Mr. Weiss remarks:

“So many people would just like to sit down at the piano and play what they feel The beautiful thing about the New Age style of piano playing is that a total newbie can learn a few chords and jump in the musical waters right away.”

Weiss has been teaching this style of piano playing online for over 15 years and offers a full course of instruction.

When asked if he’s stealing students away from more traditional courses, Weiss says:

“Not at all. There are so many ways to play the piano. But there was nothing in the New Age style until my course appeared. I know a lot of people like to listen to this music to relax and unwind. And there are those who would really like to create this kind of music on their own. My online lessons help them achieve that goal.”

Mr. Weiss is currently offering a free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and a free copy of his bestseller 'Free to be Creative at the Piano' at his website

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Searching for Angels

Here is an ambient song I wrote and just uploaded called "Searching for Angels".

This instrumental song has a romantic, angelic feel. It would be a good fit for many romantic scenes in television and movies. Also, I can hear this in an underwater nature scene with whales and dolphins swimming or birds flying above.

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