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Aug 2004 while on tour in Nairobi Kenya Africa, record producer / film director / songwriter Chris D host a entertainer seminar at the Stanley Hotel in Africa. Chris D along with his R&B group Times ll (featuring Jeff Massey) toured Nairobi Kenya and performed at various venues raising funds in Africa for the youth of Kibera. While on tour Chris D at met with various sponsor such as; Coke Cola, Safari, British Airways and more to come together and help the youth in Kenya. While staying at the Stanley Hotel in Kenya many entertainers in Nairobi wanted to speak with the American record producer / film director. The managers of Chris D set up a summit at the Stanley Hotel for the director to welcome and mentor to the artist of Kenya. 

Over 150 singers, musicians, managers, actors and dancers showed up for the summit. During the summit director Chris D spoke about the industries operation. The structure, procedures, strategies and more. Finding out the laws within the Kenya Government in which 80% of the local artist must be displayed and played on all radio station, Chris D went into action. Educating the artist of Kenya on how to build a entertainers union and demand the royalties and artist respect.

Chris D began to form and pioneer  the first entertainers union. 


More information to follow on this amazing event. Stay tuned and learn how he changes Nairobi Kenya’s artist, musicians, bands, singers, and how critical and life threatening the encounter was for the record producer / film director making such a stand.Image

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News from the New Age Music Circle:
At the recent prestigious GATE event (Global Association for Transformational Entertainment) February 2012 with Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Paul Horn and Jim Carrey - the compilation 'Sounds from the Circle III - 2011' was included in the giftbags and given to 1500 participants! Our circle member John Raatz is the founder of GATE. Check out GATE on FB at

Or goto GATE's website

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In Aug of 2004 recording producer  / film director Chris D visited the land of Africa with the focus being to raise funds for the youth of Kenya. Taking recording artist / songwriter Jeff Massey with him. Chris D and his production team landed in Kenya Africa in which they were greeted with a very warm welcome of students from the city Kibera at the airport.

While staying at the Stanley Hotel Chris D and Jeff Massey held a press conference to the television and radio media. Explaining the focus and structure for the 2 week tour. Producer Chris D met with various sponsorships such as; Coke Cola, Safari, interviewed on various radio stations and television stations.

After several concerts, Chris D ventured into the city of Kibera where over 400 children with open arms welcomed him. There him and Jeff Massey performed, mentored the children and spoke with the leaders on how they could help by raising funds for them. There trip was a success and all the proceeds from the tour went to assisting the children of Kibera.

Producer / Director Chris D is scheduled to head back to Kenya Africa June of 2012, in which he will again meet with various sponsorships, tour and perform at various venues raising funds to help the youth of Kenya. He will be accompanied by various recording artist distributed by Alpha Media Entertainment.

" I count it as a blessing to have had the pleasure to help the children of Africa before. However our work is far from complete. It was very emotional from seeing various things there. You would have to see it to believe it. I'm excited this year to go back and try and build more, give more, mentor more, and let them know we truly care." I always say if you wish to talk about me thats fine, but while your talking, come and lend a hand helping and then I'll listen."          Producer / Director Chris D - Alpha Media Entertainment

June 2012 Alpha Media Entertainment Chris D and friends will tour back to Africa to help the children of Kenya.

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" the inspiration behind my new track above, while composing it,was the pondering ,that no matter where you go in the world, and what you do, one thing's for certain.The question that you come to ask yourself in life. That is : What is that gives you the long lasting happiness in life,and the purpose of it and where to find it ? With these toughts i created this kind of soundtrack for all these reflections .. Have a splended new week and many thanks for your presence here " :) BRIAN ♥

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The Underliving keeps on rising... I'm so honored to announce it's been featured in show number 792 (Supernatural) of legendary radio program  produced by Stephen Hill and Steve Davis HEARTS OF SPACE aired over 200 radio stations in USA.  It's also been featured in HIDROGEN conducted by Albert Reguant in Catalunya radio. Here you can also read a personal review made by the producer of such radio program Also we keep on gathering positive reviews as those in Zone Music Reporter and other media. 

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The ZMR nominations are out!

Congratulations to all the members of the circle who were nomintated! Almost all of the nominees are members. Good luck to everyone.

What a great line up for Album of the year - AOMusic, Bill Wren, Hennie Bekker, Jeff Oster and Patrick O'Hearn. It will be very interesting to see who wins...

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As a composer of Contemporary Instrumentals, I have explored the genres of New Age, Jazz, Electronica and World Beat throughout the years. I have always approached the music with an essence of contemporary romanticism and with my lyrical piano melodies, exposed my heartfelt feelings with an emotional character that has defined my sound.

I have often reflected on past life lessons that include loss, spiritual awakening, happiness and struggle and portrayed these emotions with my music. In the last 30 years I have been able to create music that became my therapy to deal with my issues as well as continue my efforts as a composer.

The people who appreciate my music may enjoy certain CDs then others depending on which moods are represented. My relaxed and romantic moments can be heard on “Falling into Midnight”, “Shadow Crossing”, “Everlasting” and “A Whisper to Remember”. My New Age World Beat influence can be heard on “The Wishing Well”, and my Contemporary Jazz can be heard on “Manhattan”, “Cheshire Moon”, “Gold Coast” and “With Every Intimate Breath”.

My experimentation with fusing New Age with electronica can be heard on “Hard Rains Often Fall” and my new CD release “Suburban Prairie”. I’m not sure where I’m going next put there is still a lot more music to compose. Turning 50 years old sheds a new light on what you are here on this planet for. I hope that I can continue to create and share music that people can relate and enjoy for many more years. ~ Curtis Macdonald

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First, I would like to state that I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. There is not an artistic bone in my entire body. Therefore when writing music reviews for artists works, my comments come purely from enjoyment of the art itself and the feelings the music stirs. Definitely NOT from any technical knowledge I have of the art. Short, sweet, and to the point, and always positive (for the most part – laugh).

I would like to present:

Kerani with the album Wings of Comfort.

This is my first experience with the music from the artist Kerani. And first impressions were spectacular.

The three pieces on this album are by far some of the most relaxing and enjoyable works I have heard for a very long time.

Very methodical and well arranged, each piece allows the listener to find a quiet peace in each note.

I am not one for very long works, I have the attention span of a 2 year old with ADD. The works are 20, 21, and 27 minutes respectively. But I found myself immersed in the very subtle changes in each work, and enthralled by the simple melody of each.

Honestly, I am a symphony fan. These pieces remind me so very much of a couple of works by Dvorak, very quiet and soothing. And Kerani accomplished this without an entire symphony to back the works. This is truly remarkable.

I would say that this album is a MUST for any New Age collection.


Our Place Radio

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It's been a while I don't post here but lots of things have happened, :) first and most importantly my new album THE UNDERLIVING finally saw light :). It rose through struggles and after a brief USA (faeriecon) and Spanish pre-release :) it was published in a digibook format with 52 pages of my own painting and illustrations :) More info, videos, samples, TWO FREE DOWNLOAD tracks and more at THE UNDERLIVING OFFICIAL SITE

So feedback, support, spread of the word or whatever advice or help is welcome :) to make it rise. :) so far I give you also some videos to watch! :)

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It is a great honor to have been nominated for second consecutive year to the GRAMMY Awards and I am now getting ready to travel to Los Angeles to go to the red carpet of the 54th GRAMMY Awards.

Also, I've received today a letter from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, and I am preparing a meeting with President Obama, along with former Apollo & Space Shuttle astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Senator John Glenn to deliver personally my last album "Instrumental Oasis, Vol. 7" A Tribute to NASA - Dedicated to the Apollo & Space Shuttle missions.

Nos vemos en Los Angeles! ;)

Happy New Year 2012!

God bless

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