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Ancient Wisdom, the new album of Psicodreamics

Psicodreamics has conjured the muses to create a new musical tale titled "Ancient Wisdom", an album inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the ancients that will transport us in time and space to know from the ritual of the Druids and pagan beliefs to the veneration of Mother Earth and the wisdom of nature. All this through eleven tracks of the most varied styles, which mixes ambient, downtempo and world fusion with suggesting titles like Samhain Ecstasy, Druids trance or Beltane Moon among others. Be seduced and dive into a world of sensations that take over your mind and senses and will change the way we perceive the reality around us. Only available on digital download from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon mp3 and the best digital stores.

Watch the promotional video here:

Be the first to get Ancient Wisdom from:




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One of the exciting aspects of curating a netlabel series is watching new artists emerge into the small, but talent-rich world of ambient music. Joel Sutton, to my knowledge, has not been releasing ambient music for long. Yet, the ambient world has embraced his work and warmly welcomed him. It was just mid-2010 when I first started noticing his podcasts, followed on by his debut release, Iceberg and then in 2011, Flood.

I was therefore quite excited when Joel answered my call for submissions, and even more excited when I heard his submitted tracks. Joel has graced the Complex Silence Series with two mesmerizing ambient longform tracks, light and dark. They fit perfectly into the schema of the Series, yet each track is a beautiful sonic landscape painted in a unique and minimal way and perhaps even more importantly, in a spontaneous way.

Joel writes about his submission:

“The construction of Complex Silence 19 was very much a subconscious process for me. Usually I start a new project with a specific theme in mind. Not this time. Time was short and I had to get down to business. In the end though it was actually quite liberating to just start up my laptop and just let things unfold. Come what may. These two tracks are the result.

Exactly what my mind was up to on those days back in July 2011 I’m not really sure. I recommend that you think of these pieces as sonic abstract paintings with which the listener is free to make their own interpretation. Hence the generic names “One” and “Two”. Play these tracks in whatever part of your life it feels right to do so. Let them stray every which way and, regardless of what you encounter, may you have a pleasant journey.”

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Sneak peak an my new song called Terri

Hello all,


I wanted to share a new song (not release yet) called Terri. This song will be featured on my next CD called Family Values. I am targeting December 2011 for a release date.

Terri is my sister and she passed away in June, 2011. This song is my way of honoring her and celebrating her life. Three more of my family members also passed away this year and I have also created a song for each of them. They will all be on the new CD as well.


If you happen to have a spare minute (or 6) in this busy world, I hope you are willing to share your time and take a listen. I greatly appreciate your time. thank you.




Craig Karolus

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New Age Pianists Unite in iPhone/iPad App /new-age-piano/id396356131?mt=8

Today, the New Age Piano iOS app update adds 8 new artists (20 total) and 24 new songs (59 total). Listen to 5 hours of FREE New Age Piano music as well as endlessly hours of New Age Piano radio with hundreds of artists. If you haven't tried it, today is the day. If you have it, update your app! Enjoy!


The app also allows you to keep up with artist's twitter feed, view photos, watch videos, read bios, browse artist's websites, chat with other New Age fans on Facebook, play Puzzle/Quiz games, and even set a sleep timer / alarm with my music.  It is also a great way for you to purchase individual tracks or full length albums directly onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (No need to get onto your computer, mp3s download directly to your device via the iTunes store).  


The free app can be downloaded on your computer and synced to your device, or downloaded directly from your device over a WiFi connection.  Please click the following link or search for "New Age Piano" on the App Store to download the FREE app and/or see a full description.
New Age Piano App on the iTunes App Store:
You can also see a full set of screenshots ahead of time at:
Join the over 100,000 users that have downloaded this app and experience some of the greatest New Age Piano music today.
Featured Artists:
Brian Turner, Chad Lawson, Clifford Borg, Doug Hammer, Gary Farr, James Cahall, Jason Farnham, Joseph Akins, Ken Elkinson, Laura Sullivan, Louis Landon, Mark Pinkus, Peter Kater, Philip Wesley, Rebecca Oswald, Richard P. John, Robin Spielberg, Steven Cravis, and Wayne Gratz.


Read more… has just released a new tip sheet titled ‘Affirmations for New Age Piano Playing.’ The tip sheet contains over 20 ’self-talk’ statements to help students play more freely at the piano.

10862985098?profile=originalThe creator of the tip sheet, pianist/composer Edward Weiss has this to say about it:

“I find that many adults who have been raised in the classical tradition want a more freer approach then what they may have been exposed to. So I created these affirmations to help them understand how to easily improvise and play piano in the New Age style.”

Asked whether New Age piano can replace classical training, Mr. Weiss responds:

“Of course not. Classical training helps with technique and this can only help students as they learn to loosen their grip on note reading and focus in on self-expression - an area many want to explore but are fearful of doing. This tip sheet contains some valuable advice to address these issues.

The tip sheet ‘Affirmations for New Age Piano Playing can be downloaded for free at
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Dear Circle Friends and Members,10862987481?profile=original

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Hennie Bekker's new album, Spectrum - An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music.

Spectrum takes us back through Hennie Bekker's catalog, covering some of his best musical moments of the last 20 years. Amongst the fourteen tracks from eleven of Hennie's most memorable albums, you'll find original, remastered versions of timeless tracks including "Heart of Africa" from the first  African Tapestries album Temba, and "Spring Rain", title track from the multi-platinum-selling first album in the Kaleidoscopes series. While Spectrum is a celebration and showcase of Hennie’s remarkable strength as a multi-genre artist, the album is still representative of his ability to evoke a feeling of peace in his music, while still incorporating signature melodies, whether it be a pure New Age track, or a fusion of world and ambient soundscapes. Our thanks go out to Suzanne Doucet for her invaluable assistance in making this album happen.

Spectrum is available on Hennie's Official Website, iTunes, as well as all other major CD and download stores. Retailers can order the album from our US distributors, New Leaf, Clay Pasternak Inc., and in Europe from Silenzio, and direct from Abbeywood Records in Canada.

Hennie has uploaded the album to his profile, but I'm including a player below.....happy listening, and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)





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 It used to be big … New Age music that is. Back in the 1980’s along with Wham and Madonna, a new style of music popularized by pianist George Winston emerged. It was called ‘new age’ because of it’s soothing, eclectic sound. But for reasons unknown, disappeared from the music scene.

10862986699?profile=originalBut now it’s making a comeback. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Mr. Weiss owns and operates a website that teaches, you guessed it, New Age piano. The site now boasts over 100 lessons that promise to teach the complete beginner how to improvise and compose music in the gentle flowing style known as ‘new age.’

Weiss remarks:

“So many people would just like to sit down at the piano and play what they feel The beautiful thing about the New Age style of piano playing is that a total newbie can learn a few chords and jump in the musical waters right away.”

Weiss has been teaching this style of piano playing online for over 10 years and offers a full course of instruction.

When asked if he’s stealing students away from more traditional courses, Weiss says:

“Not at all. There are so many ways to play the piano. But there was nothing in the New Age style until my course appeared. I know a lot of people like to listen to this music to relax and unwind. And there are those who would really like to create this kind of music on their own. My online lessons help them achieve that goal.”

Weiss is currently offering a free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and a free 342 page book at his website Online Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music.
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