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Om Swasti Astu

Hi Everyone, just found this ning and I am happy to be a part of it.About Me.I am a musician and sound healer living in the catskill mountains. I primarily use sacred sound tools made of metal. I use antique singing bowls, spinning burmese gongs, temple gongs from bali and chinese gongs. I am certified Master Sound Healer from Nineways Mystery School and long time student of Mitch Nur.My energy work training began in with a trance healer in Thailand and continued with a year long training with a Balinese Healer in Penestanen, Bali. I have also received trainings from Bon Po Monks and Nag Pa here in the use and in nepal. Here in the usa I also have been attending seminars and enjoying private instruction in the Lightbody work of Orin and Daben and I find their system truly exceptional to share with americans who do not have the time or discipline to go on long retreats in asia to study with asian that's me in a nutshell.On my mind today is the Hurricane Irene. so I have this to say about that.I want to send out a little wish of joy and gratitude.Om ma tri mu ye sa le du.I am hoping that all my friends find time for a small prayer and a moment to look at inside and be greatful.I wish you all well and safety.For myself I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have received to experience people both in the usa and aboard.I am grateful for the time I have been able to spend with teachers and friends working to improve myself and my practice.I am grateful for my partner.I am grateful for the holy land that I am living on with great thanks to the saint, Hilda Charlton who made it possible.Hello and be well.Lumena.
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A music journey with Spotify

To celebrate the recent sucess of Spotify's introduction in the Untited States, I've compiled a playlist with the most exciting new age/healing stuff found on Spotify into a 15 hour playlist consisting of spacy, lush and strange ambient that may take the mind to dimensions you might not believe exists...

 Magnetic Voyage introduces the playlist with the duo songs "A wortex in space" and "Space mission". It's an increditable intresting apporoach which twists avant-garde soundscapes with floating strings and drony backdrops. Afterwards, three special meditation sessions by technomind, Theta to delta and finally awaking the kundalini. Guru Vada soon takes over and bring us a little audiological pulse of sexual desire (the good also have an sexuality), awesome string backdrop to metal-itching chords, and then we go delta again with Lisa. A Coleman, pure noise here...

 And it's doesn't stop here though, even if the counter already hit over three hours. A sigil has been broken, according to Dr. Sounds, and gives us a nice backdrop of the more minimal ambient, but also nice to listen to while doing some pratical. Just to mention that it all goes over to an perfect feeling of lush, sounds from something we all are addicted to - water. The earth is full of water and it's not wrong to say listening to this is like being floating in the warm water mentally.

 After having being a little drowsy of the recent cravings, we might return to something more concrete. But not too stressy, because the light is turned on by Troy, like after the night the beatiful morning comes. A perfect wake up after the recent "sleep" and gives us a great continue.

 Since we've been so tired by all nice lush atmospheres from Dr. Sounds, Troy, Guru Vada, we need to be more awake. Tunski does this well, with his excellent india-style taks and eastern strings. Soon we shall realise that 

our inner peace is triggering it's restful wishes to the astral being, as the bells is ringing from the deep bowl, the inner lights is still on, Troy?

  Then we get awake again and into something really strange - a wind blowing atmosphere and uplifting upload of our auditory imagine, here comes sounds from the jungle with excellent aquamatic, chilling exotic soundscapes. Like I'm being astrally teleported to the jungle - we're best being friends with the earth, not enemies. Animal and nature sounds is special - it's triggering a delighted avant-garde uplifting mental experience, and also subject for research. The piano breakes of, whiling for the subject of the minimialism together with the water going around. 

  Then we go a little affirmative. Feng Shui must be an affirmation, phonologey, as it feels someone is repeately trying to tell me something. Da, da da da, da da do it's like you tell me something. I felt so awished, are you trying to call me on something? Then you bring me a little eastern feeling again.

 Then the doctor comes back again, probably his treatment was not ready yet, with something futuristic in his mind. Like the Utopology has something to bring. It's like a minmialist, like the future, it can only be an rational topology, but when it comes to the game we can't rely on anything. Sounds come here, and goes of for some seconds and then pop up again, and the expection brokens... The sounds were not as estimated, and changes fast. 

 Then we suddently get on the heavy sea, the water is impacting! Like the feeling of being on an boat. The doctor leaves us on an sea far from the land, and we almost feel the swining of the heavy waves in our bodies. But we've not gone wet so far, and and suddently the waves is resting and the someone begin playing guitar with the previously shallow water joining the rythm. The strings and the water is well doing, and brings us one of the best things with music - the microtonal, mind changing and soul resting. After an long session of calming water, it goes up in speed, because here some find a magic mushroom! We're still with the water, and get up in rythm. 

 Then we're being affirmative again, the film chord comes together with some great electronica. A delighted atmosphere giving images from the most avant-garde dreams you've might have. 

 Then we finally end our enigmatic audiological trip with a little sing from Ajin Dar Humedi, a very well needed after all the hours of voiceless and dreaming ambience. I don't believe everyone is still onboard, because it has gone 15 hours since we began. 

 But the best thing, you can grab it and listen to it how you like, just only grab this link and begin your journey!


New Age music from Record Union


PS: If you haven't got access to Spotify, I must say I would really recommond it. The paid plans starts at $6, and there is an invitation-based plan called "Free". I have some invites for you, if you want one, please do a review of some of mine songs and I will share it to you.

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Congratulations to our members: 

Three of our members are in the Top 10 of the International New Age Music Charts at ZMR. Congratulations to Michael de Salem at #3, Sajjad at #4, and Miriam Stockley part of AOMusic at #5! 

ZoneMusicReporter has playlist, recording, song, chart information about new age, world, ambient musicians and artists.
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New Age music … it calms and soothes stressed out psyches. And now, it’s available as an online piano course.

10862986657?profile=originalFirst popularized by pianist George Winston with his bestselling December album, New Age music has seen better days. It peaked back in the mid 1980’s when everyone was getting into the 12-step craze and Madonna.

But now it’s back, thanks in no small part to piano teacher Edward Weiss‘s efforts. Weiss, himself a pianist and composer has put together a website that promises to teach anyone how to improvise and compose their own New Age piano music.

With over 100 lessons and growing, the site now has over 1000 members. When asked why he thinks his course is so popular right now, Weiss responds:

“I think people are looking for something that will help them relieve stress and get creative at the same time. The New Age music genre is perfect for this since it doesn’t take long for beginning students to get started creating something that actually sounds like music.”

Weiss has also published a bestselling book on titled ’Free to be Creative at the Piano’ which, ironically, he now gives away for free on his website.

Weiss says…

“I’ve always wanted to be able to just sit down at the piano and play what I feel. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find any kind of instruction that would help me do that so I had to come up with something on my own. Once I was able to freely improvise and create music on the piano, I knew I wanted to share it with others.”

A free piano lesson ’Summer Morning’ and book ’Free to be Creative at the Piano’ are currently available at Weiss’s website Online Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music.
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More music from Hearts of Space Records



I am not sure when the last time you visited our website, but we have been adding a great deal of new music!  We have the entire available catalogs for our Valley Entertainment, Hearts of Space Records and Sledgehammer Blues labels as well as numerous reissues from Windham Hill Records.  Back at the beginning of 2010 we began offering our music in a digital format. 


Over the past two years we have had many requests from our friends for more music from their favorite Hearts of Space Records artists.  We reached out to many of our artists and are adding new music every day!  Now you can download high quality MP3s from exceptional artists like Constance DembyRobert Rich, Tim Story, and Hans Christian (of Rasa) direct from 


If there is an album from any of our artists that you would love to own, do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will do my best to try to get it added to our site.


Best Wishes!





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Stress ... it affects us all. Especially after the AAA downgrade and the subsequent slide of the Dow. But it doesn't have to put a damper on your creativity.

10862983868?profile=originalAt least that's according to pianist/composer Edward Weiss. Weiss is also the webmaster and creator of - a website that teaches beginning adults how to play piano in the New Age style.

New Age music was extremely popular in the mid 1980's and is making a big comeback now. When asked why this may be so, Weiss comments:

"I think people always used music to reduce stress. The great thing about New Age piano is that it's also easy to create on your own. By actually making music, students get the additional benefit of getting their creative juices flowing at the same time. It's just a beautiful genre of music."

The piano course offered at the website includes over 100 piano lessons and comes with a free workbook. Students sign up via paypal and pay a small monthly fee of $19 to access the lessons. The course has been going strong for over a decade now has been praised by Grammy nominated pianist David Lanz.

Weiss, who also has written a book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano' offers his own unique philosophy on playing piano:

"I think many adults want to be able to go to the piano, sit down, and just play what they feel. But there aren't many (if any) courses or lessons that teach this. Once I could easily do it myself, I wanted to share this beautiful style of music with the world by teaching others how to do it as well."

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning' and a free copy of Weiss's bestselling book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano' are both available at his website Online Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music.
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Music - The language of the heart

How can music have such a strong impact on our inner moods and our feelings? - I have often thought about this. What is music actually? - Isn't it mathematics for the ear. The tones consist of amplitudes and frequencies and can be described by numbers. Rythms can be described by numbers too. I have never seen an explanation, and I doubt that an explanation exist. Then the only conclusion must be that music is a great mystery, some form of magic, something raised above what the human mind is able to grasp. But one part of us will always understand, and that part of us is our heart. Maybe we could say that music is the language of the heart. 

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The power from the nature

With its majestic waterfalls the Norwegian nature provide us with electricity. If we open our hearts for our country's magnificent nature, it can also provide us with spiritual power. It is on this spiritual power of the Norwegian nature Odin and I base our activity.

The scenery around us, with its fjords and mountains, reflects an inner landscape, and by drawing on nature inspiring forces, we also nourish the springs deep down in our soul. We are not outside nature, we are part of it. You will be shown you that this power is also your power, your strength, and that this power can make you whole.


If you come to our beatiful country some time, give me a hint, maybe we meet. We just love meeting new friends.

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In the track called the Wizard, I read some verses in norwegian language together with the music. Here is a translation to english:------------------This manThis man belongs to the starsand the stars belong to himFor he has been riding on beams of lightand embraced the great abyssThis man belongs to timeand eternity belongs to himFor he has crossedthe boundaries of the universeHe knows the dimensionsand call them by nameHe is the one who singsThe songs of old -the tones that controlthe orbits of stars and planetsand bring life to lifeless soil.His words testifythe end of all suffering -the relief of all troublesHis song gives strength -His eyes bring comfortFor now the time has comewhen all gates shall be openedand the earth be set free----------------------------These verses were channeled though my husband Odin shortly after movingin at the Mykkeltveit Farm at Evanger.
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Fear and New Age Music

There is so much in this world of our that can be frightening. Even though I think that fear may be the real enemy. Fear has to do with the future. But as Eckhart Tolle says: "The future is nothing else than thoughts in your head. The only thing that exist is the present moment." 


The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is fear. Fear leads to hate, and in the end it leads to violence. Where there is fear there can be no true love. And where there is true loce, there cannot be any fear, just confidence and trust.


How can we defeat fear? - We can defeat fear by being more conscious of our thoughts and our focusing. If we focus on the brighter sides of life, it may be a step towards a more peaceful word. I thing new age music can be a helpful tool in helping humans to change their focus in a positive way

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My album Pachamama has a track called Rondane. Rondane is a beautiful part of norwegian nature, a mountaineous national park. In those mountains I received my shamanic training together with my husband, Odin. The track Rondane, reflects my experience of this wild and beautiful montains. I hope those who listen will experience this magic of the mountains.

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Enjoying life on earth

Some years ago, my husband Odin, had this beautiful break through experience. Then he said to me:"All my life I have been longing for the stars, dreaming about visiting far away galaxies and exploring far away planets. Until one day I realized that all my dreams were fullfilled. I was here, exploring the planet earth."This morning he wake up with a similar dream. He said to me:"All my life I have been searching for myself everywhere, until one day I found myself. Then I realized that I was here, and that it was futile searching for myself other places."
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