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Those of you who are familiar with Night Vision Classical Radio, my personal soundtrack, new age, and classical music broadcast may be interested to know that the station has shut down as of July 6th, 2011. While this may be gratifying news to similar stations at Live365 (who may or may not gain a few more listeners), it also saddened many dedicated listeners who tuned in every day from around the globe (particularly, at the time of the shut down  Spain, Italy, England, and Romania).


The reason for the shut down is quite simple, the economy. I regain the monies I spend running the station, advertising, obtaining new music, etc. I don't know whether any artists sold any music by the exposure they received from my broadcasts, but they were regularly heard in many households around the world, at least by the folks who loved the format of Night Vision Classical Radio.


When I started the station it was meant to be a music platform for father who was confined to a wheelchair at the time, but respected my selection of great music,  which provided stress free environment for him. When the station went from a eight hour broadcast to a 24 hour stream we acquired many more listeners, a featured station spot (at Live365). and was always in the top 18 (out of 140 'soundtrack stations). My father passed away last year, and I am currently fighting cancer, so the interest in the broadcast waned (especially since we were not getting any donations or new subscribers for the station).


What was exceptional about Night Vision Classical? For one the modern classical music selections, mixed with selected new age ambient pieces, and the more poignant of film scores (works by such composers as Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Newman, James Horner, and James Newton Howard, among others). Listeners were introduced to many of these works for the first time, and continuously exposed to these works as a way of supporting the artists (which Night Vision Classical was dedicated to) Many artists from the Circle here were streamed as well (including Suzanne Doucet, Transcend With Time, Bill Wren, and a host of others.)


In closing it has been a wonderful 3 year run. I have learned so much more about music and it's composers, as have some of my dedicated listeners, who have expressed to me that they would not have known of some of these artists had it not been for the broadcast.


Wishing everyone much success in the coming years,

Ken Myers, music composer, Founder and programmer Night Vision Classical radio at Live365

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Gifts Galore!

Dear Friends,

It is great to be back home in the land Downunder, after my three-week mini-tour of the USA! It was an amazing trip in so many ways but mostly because of the people I met and the resultant magical, synergistic and spontaneous unfolding of events.

The more I venture forth into the wider world with my work, the more I realise that most magic happens in a completely unplanned way. As the legendary John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." From the moment I arrived in the US, the energies seemed to crank up several notches! I immediately felt that I was exactly where I was meant to be and from that moment until the end of the trip, Divine Guidance was at work in a most exquisite way. Spontaneous ceremony seemed to unfold wherever I travelled, hand in had with poignant reconnections with Soul family.

I felt blessed beyond measure to have three wonderful American friends to support and assist me with my 'Crystal Keys' events in Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Mt Shasta. Claudia, Jill and Trudy tirelessly ferried me around and assisted me at all the venues, and we shared some unforgettable moments together. Here are a few photos to give you a peek into some of the experiences we shared.




There were a few extra members of the audience at event in Sacramento – the room was filled with Light Orb Beings who joined us! Because orbs are mostly very light in colour, this one on the dark background of the altar cloth (bottom right) is the easiest to see in a small photo. However, on the night, the participants on the night were all surrounded!


Claudia Anderson's Ancient Jade skull 'Ixcheel', flanked by two whale ears,
one of which was later gifted to me by Claudia. This was very special as the Whales
are so connected to Sirius, and the Song of the Whale features in two of my albums.
I have been told that this whale ear will help me to bring in many new 'tones'.


Trudy, Jill, myself and Ruth Mary in the Cedar Room at Grannlibakken, Lake Tahoe,
just before the participants arrive for the Tahoe event.


Three times on the drive from Lake Tahoe to Mt Shasta,
Jill and I were 'pulled off the road' by Spirit to do sacred ceremony with my Crystal Skulls –
each time near water. Here you see 'Sorrow' surrounded by many other crystals.



Lake Tahoe and Mt Shasta, like Sedona, have many powerful 'Rock People'
and much of the ceremony done throughout these two places involved the rocks.

Here, 'Sorrow' rests on one of them.


And as in Sedona, you can see evidence of Vortex energy in the twist of this tree.


Magnificent Mt Shasta and companion mountain Shastina!
No wonder the Q'ero elders have been to this place twice in the past year
and will return again soon. She is a gateway and portal to other dimensional realms.




In another mountain stream at the foot of Mt Shasta, we did ceremony again
during which 'Sorrow' was garlanded with the moss from the banks……


My 'new' Ancient skull 'Abyss' anchored the energy from a tree branch above.


Owner of the crystal shop 'Sacred Seed' in Mt Shasta,
with his beautiful daughter Aiya,
after yet more spontaneous ceremony, which took place in the shop!

From Mt Shasta, I flew to the International New Age Trade Show (INATS WEST) in Denver,
where I met another host of wonderful people –
fellow artists and other members of the New Age community.


Here I am on my US manufacturer's (TSI) stand -
just after my featured performance at the show.
With me is Waduda Paradiso, of the renowned 'New Earth Records'.


With my beautiful new friend, Kate King -
Crystal jewellery designer extraordinaire, from Canada.

It would take pages to describe all that took place on this trip in detail. And many of the experiences were of such a profound and personal nature that putting them into words can be difficult. However, I hope these photos give you a little flavour of some of what took place!

On July 8th, my new album Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal was officially released to the Australian marketplace and is now available through all quality book, record and New Age stores! The USA release took place on Tuesday July 12th and US customers are now able to order the album through mainstream stores such as Barnes and Nobel and Borders as well as all New Age book and record stores.

I think many people are really ready to receive these messages from the Crystal Masters.On my tour of the US it was very encouraging indeed to see firsthand, the level of interest in this new Sounds of Sirius album. It is a great privilege and joy for me, to be the conduit for, and to witness the activations people are receiving through this music.

Here are the details you will need, if you decide to order your copy of Crystal Keys from your local store.

Cat # : SOS009
Barcode/UPC # : 015882071925

The First Feedback – What people are Experiencing

Crystal Keys is the biggest gift you have yet created! I FEEL SO MUCH from this one. I felt tons from the others too but this is just a completely different offering. Betty-Lou Kristy - Canada

I love your 'Crystal Keys' so much. You have outdone yourself with this CD. Not only has your voice become even more powerful and angelic, but also your compositions and choice of musicians is absolutely out of this world. Fridelle Stanwix – Australia

I love 'Crystal Keys' – it is absolutely wonderful and stunning work. I know I'll listen to this CD a lot and each time, hear something new. Yes….it's a gift. Joni Galvin – Ireland

Crystal Keys is one of the most amazing CD's I have ever listened to. Lia's voice just took me away to places I never would have thought possible. It brings with it a sense of peace, wonder and connection to Spirit.
Leanne M Williams – Australia

Crystal Keys is just helping me so much at this time. It is all I have been playing since it arrived. It is working on such a deep level and carrying me through what is happening for me right now. It has also brought up some old patterns in me from the past, which I thought were all but gone, but clearly some deep roots are being brought up and cleared. Your gift is so wonderful and I thank you for having the courage to share it with the world. Helen Paige - Australia

Lia, my donkey Beluga loves your Crystal Keys CD. He stood by the CD player just soaking in the sounds. It appeared that his soul understands the messages, just like humans do.  Thank you Lia for that tender moment.…Claudia and your newest fan, Beluga! Claudia Anderson - USA

To me, the music sounded very earthy, grounding and raw, which I felt related to the earth and her treasures. When the didgeridoo played it moved my heart. I felt the music lighten, like the earth was ascending – and then I fell asleep. Crystal Keys is something I feel I'll play over and over again, to get the full impact of the message. Kaye Handley – Australia

Lia, how amazingly beautiful, calming and absorbing are your sounds. I went to bed, lit my candles and away I went on my journey! I soooo love it. LeeAnn Hollis - Australia

Lia sending you my heartfelt gratitude and honouring for your Crystal Keys CD it is truly very very special. I simply adore it and totally resonate with it on every level. I am finding it very healing also. Thankyou for your amazing efforts to bring light language transmissions of such incredible quality together, I know it is a very challenging and energetically huge task! Kyrona Unity Hope - Australia

Lia, I got your Crystal Keys CD in the mail today...I have to say that it is AMAZING !!! It's a must-have for everyone. Jainee Lale - Australia

Many Gifts for you!

To honour the official worldwide launch of Crystal Keys, my multi-talented website guru Samantha and myself have been working feverously behind the scenes, to offer you a whole slew of special gifts and new Sounds of Sirius options! I think you will be pleased. Hold on to your hats……here they come…..!!

* Prices cut across all SOS Albums
* Free Postage on all store items
* Further discounts and on specific CD sets
* Discounts on Jewellery
* Discounts on Crystal Skulls (only 4 remaining)
* MP3 Downloads available for your Ipod and computer
* World Premiere of new 'Pearl' Movie –sneak preview for loyal fans
* Crystal Keys Music player with samples for all tracks
* Brand new, upgraded Online Store shopping cart
* New Pricing for all SOS Albums

Across the planet at the moment, there can be no doubt that people are hurting financially – whole countries are going bankrupt. As we watch the old structures, including our financial systems, being dismantled before our eyes, many of us hold out great hope for a new way of doing business in the future – a way that will be fair and just – a way that will reward creativity and effort and life-enhancing endeavours, rather than those based in greed. As this transition occurs, many people are experiencing the 'fallout'. Which is why I've decided to make some substantial changes to the pricing structure on my website and beyond.

After discussion with both my Australian distributors, the Recommended Retail Price for all eight of the original albums in the Sounds of Sirius Collection, will drop from $29.95 per CD to $26.95. The SOS compilation album will continue to retail for just $20.00.

Further CD Discounts

On top of this price cut across the full SOS Collection, further discounts on specific CD sets will also be available through the Sounds of Sirius Online Store.

This is not just Relaxing Music – This Music can Heal you.



The Sounds of Sirius albums are not just relaxing ambient music. This music is a Sound Healing modality, channeled through from very high Spiritual realms. It works intentionally, with the energetic and vibrational fields of the listener. In essence, these melodies and words have the ability to raise your vibrational frequency. This music has demonstrated that it can have profound and transformational effects on the body, mind and spirit of both human beings and animals.


The healing energies carried within the Sounds of Sirius music, are amplified by the waters of our bodies. We know that water is a great conductor. We also know that every human body is composed of at least 70% water.


The Sounds of Sirius music and Language of Light, transform the water and the cells of our bodies to Divinely gifted sacred geometries, as we listen.


As our bodies entrain to music and the sacred geometries held within it, they come into alignment and balance. These songs and words are a gift from the Divine, to heal our deepest wounds.


I call the Language of Light that accompanies the Sounds of Sirius, the language of the Soul. I think this explains the most common and very emotional response I hear from people, that this music makes them feel like they've 'come home'. To me, the Sounds of Sirius at their prime level, are 'The Divine Mother's Song of Love for Humanity'.


As these melodies and words flow through me, I feel her indescribably pure, unconditional and unbounded Love and Compassion, for all who will listen.


Free Postage – All Items on Online Store!

Australian Postage seems to go up every time you visit the Post Office! If you are ordering from outside Australia especially, I know that this can make purchasing CDs from my website seem almost prohibitive.

In these financially challenging times, I'm passionate about making the Sounds of Sirius accessible to as many people as possible across the globe, to assist them with negotiating the major changes we are facing daily now. The healing energies contained within this music has the ability to take us to a sacred space within, where we can find the centeredness, peace and calm we need, in order to make the life-changing decisions we now find ourselves confronted with.

So, in order to bring the purchasing prices down even further, I have decided to absorb the online store shipping costs myself. For customers throughout Australia, the USA and Canada all items in the Sounds of Sirius online store (excluding Crystal Bowls) will now have FREE SHIPPING!! This free shipping, combined with the price cut, effectively saves you over $10 off the purchase of one CD!!

For customers throughout the rest of the world, I have deducted all the packing and handling charges, and pared down the shipping costs to the keenest, flat rate possible. The reason free shipping is at all possible for Australia, the USA and Canada, is because I have manufacturing bases in those places. This means items can be shipped domestically, instead of being sent at international postage rates.

MP3 Downloads now available!

All is not lost if you don't live in Australia, the US or Canada!! Although there is nothing quite like having the physical CD with all the additional information that comes included with it, a wonderful new option for everyone visiting the Sounds of Sirius store, is the ability to now purchase MP3 Downloads of the albums instead! Samantha has done a brilliant job of making these downloads available, by installing a whole new ''whizz bang' shopping cart! Not only does the new store provide the option of offering MP3 downloads – it is also a much more aesthetically pleasing, and a very user-friendly experience, for the customer.



Crystal Keys Music Player – Try before you buy!!

Music samples of all 10 tracks of Crystal Keys can now be found on a dedicated music player on the Crystal Keys music page

Discounts on Jewellery

For a very limited time only, a 15% discount is being offer on all Jewellery
Free shipping to Australia, USA and Canada included!



Discounts on Crystal Skulls

For a limited time only, I am also offering whopping 25% off all Crystal Skulls.
Free shipping to Australia, USA and Canada included!



World Premiere of new 'Pearl' Movie

Last but not least, we have a special treat for you - a stunning new two minute movie clip featuring an excerpt from the 'Pearl' track from Crystal Keys – Songs to Awaken and Heal.

Pearl Video

This is the World Premiere outing of this clip! I wanted to release it to you first, to thank you from my heart, for your loyal support. Many of you have encouraged and supported me for many years. Your kind words and thoughts, and feedback on how my work is helping you, have sustained me and encouraged me to continue making the Sounds of Sirius available, despite many moments of challenge along the way.

I am so looking forward to hearing what you think of this new clip. I absolutely love it myself. I cried the first time I saw the magnificent underwater footage of our precious Whale brothers, shot right here on the Great Barrier Reef, where I live. I feel greatly indebted to Samantha Gowthorp who has done a superb job of producing this clip, and to Ross Isaacs who, by some great blessing from above, donated his exquisite footage to us, to make it possible.

Ross is an award winning, Emmy nominated Director/cameraman, with over thirty years experience as an underwater photographer, cinematographer and film-maker. He has produced a number of books and documentary films on whales. His experience includes major features films, television drama, nature documentaries, as well as television commercials. He has worked with some very prestigious organizations such as National Geographic Television and BBC Natural History Unit, and has sold his own documentary films in over 50 countries. Ross is a world leader in shooting High Definition underwater footage.

I truly hope you enjoy Ross's beautiful images married with the music of 'Pearl'. If you do, please share it with your friends to remind them of these wise guardians who live within our oceans. Be sure to watch this clip on full screen if you can, to see it in all its glory! These underwater images have been shot in super high definition so, the bigger you view it, the better!

I hope this bouquet of gifts has brightened up your day!

"Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope."
Martin Luther

Sending you all, as always…..

Much Love and many Blessings,




Diamond Light Meditation for Women Video

Breath of Life Video


visit our online store

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Mandalaband have strong roots in the Symphonic Rock music scene. They first arrived in the late 70’s with two releases on Chrysalis Records which have been re-issued on Legend Records (2010) as a 2 CD set called Resurrection. Fast forward 30 + years (2009) when Mandalaband return with their best work to date: BC – ANCESTORS, which featured four of the principal musicians from that original era who are still very much a part of the new Mandalaband project: ASHLEY MULFORD (Guitars - Mandalaband I, Sad Café) WOOLLY WOLSTENHOLME (Mellotron & Keyboards - Mandalaband II, Barclay James Harvest, John Lee's BJH & Maestoso) KIM TURNER (Drums & Percussion - Mandalaband II & Maestoso) and DAVID ROHL (Writer, Engineer, Producer and Keyboards). The third incarnation of the band Included TROY DONOCKLEY (Uilleann Pipes, Whistles & Guitars - Iona & the Bad Shepherds) JOSE MANUEL MEDINA (Keyboards - Last Knight) MARC ATKINSON (Vocals - Gabriel & Riversea) GEOFFREY RICHARDSON (Violin, Viola, Flute, Clarinet & guitars - Caravan, The Penguin Café Orchestra & the Murray Head band) CRAIG FLETCHER (Bass Guitar - Maestoso, BJH & John Lee's BJH) and BARBARA & BRIONY MACANAS (Vocals - Limehouse & Afriko).

It is 2011 and Mandalaband return with the second concept album: AD – SANGREAL, after four years in the making, and following on from the widely acclaimed BC – ANCESTORS CD. Whilst BC focused on the pre-Christian era of ancient Egypt, Israel and Mesopotamia, AD takes the first one thousand years of early Christianity as its theme – specifically the legend of the Holy Grail or Sangreal. But this is not the famous Arthurian tale with which we are all familiar. This is the true story of the cup of the Last Supper, as handed down to us from within the little-known Romano-Spanish traditions – a small red agate vessel which, over the centuries, journeyed from Jerusalem to Glastonbury, then to Rome, and on to the kingdom of Aragon in Spain, before finally finding its rest in the cathedral of Valencia where the Sangreal remains to this day. All the extraordinary events, heroes and villains involved in that epic journey are revealed in the lyrics of AD – SANGREAL … a story told in majestic ballads, stirring melodies and a complex tapestry of weaving rhythms … a story of emperors, kings, caliphs, warriors, crusaders, knights and saints. Epic in every sense of that word,

AD – SANGREAL consists of 14 tracks, many of which are spectacular anthems. In addition there is a very special bonus track, featuring Woolly Wolstenholme (of BJH and Maestoso) as lead vocalist on Mandalaband’s rendition of the classic Barclay James Harvest song ‘Galadriel’. The CD also includes a 32-page booklet and sees the return of Ed Unitsky contributing the beautiful artwork.

mandalaband%2Biv%2B350.jpgTrack Listing:

1. A Bloodline Born (Medina/Rohl) 2. Magdalena (Medina/Rohl) 3. Palatium Britannicum (Mulford/Rohl) 4. England’s Heart and Soul (Rohl) 5. Sancto Laurent (Mulford/Rohl) 6. Flight to Osca (Mulford/Rohl) 7. Visigoths (Rohl) 8. Saracens (Medina/Rohl) 9. Al-Andalus (Rohl) 10. Unholy Orders (Mulford/Rohl) 11. The Kingdom of Aragon (Medina/Rohl/Spear) 12. Holy Orders (Rohl/Turner) 13. Le Perche Val (Mulford/Rohl) 14. Anfortas Rex (Rohl) 15. Galadriel [Bonus Track] (Lees) Total running time 76 minutes. Engineered and Produced by David Rohl.

US Release Date July 25th 2011
UK Release Date July 11th 2011

For more information:
Melodic Revolution Records

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When Lyrics come

Aloha  from Maui


I seem to be getting new lyrics and music.. UMMM so hard when I don't play or sing...


here's todays

Radiant One


Radiant One, my heart speaks to You,

Of Your  Love that I’ve Found within me.

The Purpose of all  that’s needed in life,

They Way I’ve longed for to be,


Yours is the Way, and the path to truth,

Yours is the Love Divine.

Yours is the Bliss, Salvations roots,

The Grace we seek to find.


Radiant One, my soul knows your Face,

The Perfect Mirror to God,

The Power of the Glory Brings a saving grace,

A way to win beyond all odds.


Yours is the way, the answered Prayer,

The Story that illumines our search for you here.

Radiant One, uur souls great Pursuit

Let me hear the Words I can Share.


The Angels of God,

The teachers of Truth

All the Holy Ones who Dwell at your Door.

Shower your Blessings on the world

And give us the Gifts that you share,


For here we pray for the one secret Key,

To open the door where we can be free.

Blessed with the Glory of your precious Light,

Inspired with the power of Thee.

Radiant one of God’s Holy Light

Let us find our joy

In serving your Peace.



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New CD 'Deep Energy 4'

Hi All,


My new CD 'Deep Energy 4 - Music for Sleep Meditation and Relaxation' is now available at Bandcamp (you can stream the entire CD at Bandcamp) and Amazon (which is number 98 on the Amazon Ambient chart this morning). It's very mellow, Liquid Mind-ish type of recording. It's one track about 60 minutes long. 


If you Review music and want a review copy, let me know and I'll send you a link to download it along with a Press Release.





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