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Hello Circle Members,

We are pleased to debut a NEW Sounds from the Circle MP3 compilation, aptly titled Sounds from the Circle III, produced by Suzanne Doucet.

The Sounds of the Circle compilations are always eclectic, including artists from all over the world and very reflective of this community. They capture the current scope of today’s many New Age sub-genres, from Vocals to Space music, Channeling to Solo Piano, Harmonics to Chill, Meditation, and Nature –
and the list could go on.

This extensive MP3 compilation is available in CD form from the participating artists, or via iTunes at

Programmers and reviewers can request CD copies by contacting Suzanne Doucet or me with your name, professional affiliation and full snail mail info. 

Congratulations to all the artists involved on being part of this dynamic new offering!


Beth Hilton

The B Company


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Earth Environmental Awareness Video


Mother Earth… a conscious living being

Now even scientists confirm that the earth is a living Entity, a complex living organism.

Many ancient cultures knew this to be true but most people today live in a world of materialism and lack of spiritual connectedness that fosters the illusion of separation.  Separation from each other, ones inner self, the universe as a whole, and our own mother earth as a conscious living being who supports all of life… and is life.

As one transcends the limitations of ego and moves into the realm of the metaphysical the boundaries separating that which is beyond and within dissolve into an experience of unity and oneness.  One becomes aware not only of his inner being but is united with the consciousness of Mother Earth and the consciousness of the universe as a whole.  To the stretch of the imagination, for some, the universe itself is a living organism.

“And we larger collocations of cells called human beings, along with all the other creatures, and the stuff of the universe, are like the cells of one great living organism.”
~Lawrence Kushner~

Mother Earth is a conscious living being and we are a part of her consciousness just as the cells within our body are a part of our consciousness.  In turn earths consciousness is a part of the consciousness of the universe and as we transcend the illusion of separation we become fully aware moving beyond our bodies and not able to discern where one living being begins or ends.

In this higher or deeper state of awareness there are no boundaries separating you and I as One, you and the earth as One, or the earth and universe as One.  There is only One. 

We are all One.


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Duo release from Dr. Sounds this June

I'm pleased to tell that I will release two new albums this summer, Sounds of Science Jun 15th and Transition in Jun 28th.


Sounds of Science (June 15th)

 10862984860?profile=originalThe album mentioned first, Sounds of Science will be something you've may refer to what you've may heard before in the installation Cobresia, an playlist of toally 16 symphonies combining the best of electronica, classical and ambient. Among the gems on the this follow up for Cobresia release is an new version of Adagio for Love, not to unlike the previous two featured on Cobresia, but with an larger segment of rock guitars. Two toally new symphonies including an more breakbeat version of the song 'Floating' is provided as well together with the Sounds of Science symphony, both inherits the scientific feeling that I saw in Darude's Touch Me Feel Me.




Transition (June 28th)


Some weeks after the release, at Jun 28th, the second CD will be available, the Transition. Transition is however takes the listening to another levels than we usually seen in the Cobresia and Sounds of Science, where the mixture of modern electronica with classical beats was the kind of music outed. This playlist outing somewhat kind of long-lasting contemporary drones and soundscapes with loss of beats but with an glory of cutting-edge sounding of etheral, enigmatic ambience that can fit the most advanced meditation techniques, but also propose an outstanding menthal "orgasm" of awareness, spiritual relaxion, nothing to listen to while doing heavy machinery.  



Soundscapes often pending between the darkest emotions, seen on the earth, together with the strongest evidence of the light, power and god. For me the songs outing an image of being an creature on the move from one distinct location in the abstract logic to another and faces all kinds of power challenging the spiritual being, love, fear, aniexy. 


Why there was two releases at this time is to split up the context an bit, as I feel it remarkable to listen to an drone song and suddently an uptembed symphony starts, feels not perfect for the targeted audience. The covers of them both are sisters, while the "light" album has an lighter one and the "dark" one has an darker one.

Samples from the releases may come later this week so you can get an glance of what to expect from the duo release in June.



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so many adults would love to play piano. For many, that dream faded away with work, having children, and a life filled with things to do.

But not anymore. At least not according to online piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Weiss, a pianist, composer, and bestselling author, has a ’new age’ way for people to learn piano. For those who don’t know what that means, Weiss explains:

10862983868?profile=original“New Age music is much more than what most people think. First, it’s easy to get started playing it. Just a few chords and a bit of instruction and students are able to create something that sounds like music - usually on their first attempt. And secondly, it’s a very soothing, relaxing style to play in.”

The course Weiss teaches online now has over 100 lessons. Titles like “Reflections in Water” and “Summer Morning” abound as students learn how to improvise and compose their own music. Students are first introduced to something called the open position chord - a structure that allows for both hands to play together.

Students also have access to a message board and a special email address where they can communicate with Weiss.

When asked if learning how to play piano online is doable, Weiss remarks:

“Absolutely. We now have video and that changes the game. The lessons are explained in detail first and then it’s demonstration time. Students see what I’m doing and then use that as a springboard for their own creations.”

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ and book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano’ are available at Weiss’s website at
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Ivy Atmospheric

Ivy Atmospheric is on Myspace and Reverb Nation. I wish her happiness and success. I found out via a friend. By all means support her work. Unfortunately I will not be releasing any material due to ill health, but look forward to discussions. Love and Peace, Deborah
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I wrote this track last November and it appears on the first compilation released on my label, Relaxed Machinery.  I haven't been around here for a long time so thought putting a track up might be a good way to say hello and reintroduce myself.  :-)


John Koch-Northrup - A Dream of Awakening - from sleepMODE by Relaxed Machinery

Here's some info on the album:


Relaxed Machinery presents: sleepMODE, a snapshot of the rapidly-growing label celebrating its first anniversary. Thirteen global artists bring their own unique perspectives and life experiences to sleepMODE. With the album at just over two hours, each artist had free rein to use as much track length as needed to evoke the feelings and emotions they wished to express for this project. The music ranges from ambient soundscapes, electro-acoustic, to modern minimalism; using synths, guitar, bass, field recordings, and processing.

Photography and Design: Steve Brand
Final Mastering: Bobby Jones (I’ve Lost)

1. Max Corbacho — Slow Rust   9:22
2. Steve Brand — Forgotten Feast   13:35
3. åpne sinn — REMcycle   7:30
4. Beta Cloud — What Dreams May Come   12:58
5. Benjamin Dauer — Neon Shroud   6:42
6. Bob Ohrum — Deepest Blue   13:59
7. I’ve Lost — Going Under   12:28
8. Leonardo Rosado — Dream States Fourtet   14:45
9. Beed and Fascia — Lila’s Dance   7:16
10. ISHQ — AN   10:07
11. Nettless — Parallel Truths   7:06
12. Chris Russell — Mechanical Slumber   10:32
13. John Koch-Northrup — A Dream of Awakening   3:09

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I wanted to thank everyone in this community for supporting Cosmo Frequency in the 2011 Clash of the Artists music contest.  Cosmo Frequency finished 1st place by the panel of judges after finishing as finalist in the online voting:


The international competitions have come to a close and with the panelist review this past week, we have the winners of AFP's 5th annual competitions. Artists were featured from eighteen countries and thirty U.S. states. It was the most diverse Clash of the Artists yet. During the online voting segment over 10,000 votes were cast across the four categories.

AFP is pleased to announce the winners:

Music: 1st place: Cosmo Frequency (Salt Lake City, Utah)

D.L. Byron, Zen Archer Records: "Paul Martinson is the new 'Vangelis.' I enjoyed all three tracks. They showed melody and good structure not often found in a genre such as this. Very Cool Stuff!"

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Meher Baba vis a vis New Age Music


Robbie Basho, whose life came to a sudden and early end in 1986, was one of the founders of what is now called New Age Music, and he was also a long-time follower of Meher Baba and my friend. Robbie was a pioneer; he was playing in a genre that was not yet recognized during his life. Most of his inspiration was from Meher Baba, and this increased as he grew older, and he often mentioned Meher Baba on the stage during his live performances.

Followers of Meher Baba can be anything at all in terms of music or anything else. Some of them are real die-hard classicists, but then there are rockers like Pete Townsend of The Who, for whom Meher Baba was a major influence, and who founded Meher Baba Oceanic, a major cultural shaker and mover in the Meher Baba Community.

Pete can be said to be now seriously over the hill, but in real time music, check out the Indie-pop icon Darwin Deez, another serious, second-generation follower of Meher Baba.

Although I think it would be wrong to try to assert an identification between Meher Baba and New Age Music simply on the basis of my friend Robbie Basho, I think it can be said that there is something that the Meher Baba Community shares with New Age Music in general: an INCLUSIVE attitude. Of course, there are always exceptions, but many followers of Meher Baba like New Age music. The Indian traditions of classical and devotional music which tend to be performed in the Indian Meher Baba Community, the world's largest, are some of the sources of what is today is called the New Age.

Jai Meher Baba
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I'm new in this circle and I'm not doing well with the "apps" and other stuff on my home page, because there's just too many layers of infrastructure, and I think I'm getting a different view of my page than what others see. I'm a blogger from way back, and I can code HTML and write my own links, so I prefer to communicate here.

I'd like to share the .MP3 files that I have just started to accumulate on Boxnet. I think there's proably something in this collection for just about everybody.

Here's a secure link to my general Music folder at Boxnet, which is subdivided into six sub-folders:

Viveshwar's Music at Boxnet

My favorite, and now the largest of those sub-folders is the Sai Bhakti Radio folder. That is full of really first-class Hindi Bhajans. I have very effective stream-ripping software, and for the forseeable future I will continue to accumulate into the Sai Bhakti Radio folder because it's what I want to participate in the next time I visit India, and I'm also studying the Hindi language.

Sai Baba, to whom these bhajans are being sung, is probably the most well-known Satguru in India. He was one of Meher Baba's five Satgurus, and there is a current post about him and this material on my Wordpress blog.

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New Age music … it calms and soothes stressed out psyches. And now, it’s available as an online piano course.

First popularized by pianist George Winston with his bestselling December album, New Age music has seen better days. It peaked back in the mid 1980’s when everyone was getting into the 12-step craze and Madonna.

10862983072?profile=originalBut now it’s back, thanks in no small part to piano teacher Edward Weiss‘s efforts. Weiss, himself a pianist and composer has put together a website that promises to teach anyone how to improvise and compose their own New Age piano music.

With over 100 lessons and growing, the site now has over 1000 members. When asked why he thinks his course is so popular right now, Weiss responds:

“I think people are looking for something that will help them relieve stress and get creative at the same time. The New Age music genre is perfect for this since it doesn’t take long for beginning students to get started creating something that actually sounds like music.”

Weiss has also published a bestselling book on titled ’Free to be Creative at the Piano’ which, ironically, he now gives away for free on his website.

Weiss says…

“I’ve always wanted to be able to just sit down at the piano and play what I feel. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find any kind of instruction that would help me do that so I had to come up with something on my own. Once I was able to freely improvise and create music on the piano, I knew I wanted to share it with others.”

A free piano lesson ’Summer Morning’ and book ’Free to be Creative at the Piano’ are currently available at Weiss’s website
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In carrying out my daily PR duties for clients, I am fortunate to meet passionate New Age music reviewers and radio producers from all over the world. 

Two such steadfast reviewers -- Michael Woodhead and Chiwah -- have recently retired from review writing at their respective posts, Lux Aeterna and The Life Connection.  I don't know if they are a part of our Circle, but I would like to publicly thank them just the same for their years of dedication and support of New Age artists.


So, THANK YOU, Michael and Chiwah, for always being willing to give both established and developing artists your listening time, heartfelt consideration and a fair review.  I hope your future holds new creative joys; and if you ever return to reviewing, we'll surely have a package ready for you.


Beth Hilton

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How is it that David Hoffman, a trumpet player for Ray Charles for thirteen years, created Calmness Of Spirit, an album so relaxing and healing that it won the 2010 Independent Music Award for Best New Age Album? It has to do with his wife, playing music from his heart, and frogs he heard on Guadeloupe.Click here for my interview with him.
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Prayers for Ivy Daniella

Dear friends, I ask you to pray for and offer support to Ivy Daniella. The internet world of music is unfortunately filled with kind and not so kind people. Ivy is a kind, gentle soul. Her faith in human nature has been eroded. She has cut herself off from everyone, including me, her mum. This pain is the worst pain a mother can endure. I pray for healing and renewed self confidence for this beautiful young woman. Why do those who see beauty seek to destroy it? A mystery but very reand to relinquish your malevolent hold on her fragile heart. May Karma be fulfilled.
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