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The Fading Out of the CD

Dear readers, hi. My name is Mark Pinkus. I compose, produce, perform and record original solo piano music. I also do my own international music promotion. Both worlds are my passion. I work every day at sending my music to places that play our style of new age music. Every bit of exposure helps. Every bit of exposure leads to connecting the dots and if we're lucky will lead to an avalanche of sales both in downloading and cd sales. But I am seeing more and more how difficult it is to sell physical cds. Yes, I admit I'm a bit obsessive about finding out why this is. I'm quite aware that we are living in a digital most aspects of our lives. And I see very transparently how and why the downloading world is taking over. Changes are evident, unavoidable. My cd sales in the last 3 months despite my massive USA radio and internet promotion has come to a big red and white stop sign and on it it says, "cds sales stop here!". I must admit it's a strange feeling. I have sold thousands of cds over the years and then all of a suddend the brook isn't flowing anymore. I do want to remain positive. Cd sales could pick up again but I'm not so sure anymore and it is this uncertainty that has let me to investigate this whole process of the cd sale dryspell. Is there anyone out there that is reading this that is selling a lot of cds" I don't mean 50 or 100 but several 100 or a few thousand.?Anybody out there selling lots of cds on I'd love to hear from you!!!! Like I said before in another blog posted with the New Age Music Circle was that giving live concerts, cds can sell well. So in that light we need them. I question why there are record stores now filled with these thousands of cds for sale. Some must still be selling because the stores are still open for business. I know many stores however have folded including some big megastores in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Sorry to say folks but I do believe sooner or later these cd stores will close up too. Yes, sooner or later. I"m not giving up by no means. I love doing all of this. I started composing music and performing at the age of 7 and I'm 51 now. I'm not going to give up. But I am honestly worried that our livelihood of selling cds is fading out. I met my postman on the street this morning. He is a very dear friend of mine and he knows a lot about music and the biz. I said to him imagine if the mail you have in your hand and in your mailbag was no longer needed. That mail was delivered only electronically which by the way is happening now in Finland. They are moving towards electronic delivery. My friend the postman would be out of job and so would all the postoffice people. The cd sold so much several years ago. I don't believe to be the case any longer. I'm not even inspired right not to sit at the piano and practise. I was getting ready to record my 7th cd and now I'm not into it..For the moment..I do relate music to the industry we are in. I can't help it. I want to share and I want to sell my music. I want to leave behind before I had to who knows where my music for the generations to come. And I have so much music to record still. Maybe I'll begin to accept the fact it's best to put my music into mp3 format and sell it online digitally and make just a few cd copies for live shows.. Is that where we are heading.. Members please let me know how you approach all of this. I'd love to hear from you.. This is a CIRCLE and I'm just a dot in the circle. Your feedback would be so greatly appreciate if you feel like it. As I'm writing this article I am listening to a record on a turntable. I prefer records to any other audible format. I"m old fashioned. The record sound gives me a warm feeling inside. I feel close to the music and even sometimes to the composer. I will continue to study and observe the enigma of cd sales in this overly fast paced world. I live nice and slowly though. I have designed my lifestyle like that. I don't want to rush through life. I do have time and the desire to "smell the roses." I'm writing to you because my cd sales have taken a fall over the cliff. Maybe I need to get out and perform more. The digital world seems to me not related to a world of spiritual human beings. Is StarTrek becoming closer and closer to our true reality. And in some strange mysterious way folks I'll say it now today the 29th of July 2010 that one day too the digital world will no longer be our way of selling music and communicating. Try and figure that one out!! bye 4 now and love to you all, Mark
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Hi everyone,

I’m grateful to have Mojave Flight as a featured song on the New Age Music Circle. I’m offering it as a free mp3 for a limited time (about two weeks or so). Please take the opportunity to download it here:

Mojave Flight By New Atlantis -- Free Download
Click the down arrow by Mojave Flight, then select “Save”

If you'd like to stay posted for further free downloads, please let me know either here or on my web site.

Best Wishes,
Charles Easter of New Atlantis
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Releasing my second album



There was some months since I released Aquasphere and now I have released my second release, "Substrata of Logic". It contains 13 ambient songs, I think you would like.

Check it out here

Note the song Culinary which is a attempt to make a little asia influenced electronica.
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funny how this works

HI Everyone.. It is sunday afternoon here in Canada. I would like to write once again on the mystery of cd sales. I am really beginning to question the popularity of cds now. I contacted some very successful people in the industry and they still suggest to put out a cd recording. Part of me agrees and the other part is seriously puzzled by how to sell cds at this time. Millions of us around the world are putting out cds. And the industry is filled with opportunities to buy them. Anyone now can record a cd.. They don't even have to play music if you know what I mean. Well known artists are even having a hard time selling their live shows and as a result have to cancel part of their tour. Simply not enough ticket sales. I went to a major cd store to check on my cd sales in the new age section. My sales have been slow. Yet my music plays every day on a major radio station here in Montreal. So why are the cds not selling? We know the younger crowd downloads. That is there world.. But the so-called older generations still love to buy new age cds. So I think..But I"m not believing as much anymore. Sales go in spurts. A big check comes in the mail unexpectedly.. How nice!! Cd baby sales are happening every day and then I go "hey something is going on." And then like the stock market it drops and nothing for awhile. Total silence. That's when I start wondering again what is going on. Let's be frank here. When we see sales moving along steadily it makes us feel really good. And as a result we get momentum and believe more and more in ourselves and in our music. And also we are very happy that more and more people are purchasing our products and listening and enjoying our music. Not very complicated at all is it? Then I see new age artists moving up the charts and yet cd sales are practically at the level of zero.. how is that possible? What is the co-relation between airplay popularity and cd sales? Some rock bands get a lot of exposure on the radio and sell very few cds and other bands get no exposure on the radio and in the media and sell tons of albums..I don't know the mysterious formula for sales and I've been at this for a long long time. I'm not going to give it..That's not the point. I have realized that when I perform at a concert the cd sales usually are good. And you can sign a few autographs as well. So I'm going to come full circle here. From my experience most of cd sales is like rolling the dice at a casino. You have to be lucky as well. But luck is not the only thing. Sometimes a piece of music catches fire on the radio in a far away country and the next thing you know lots of downloads and cds sell. I even wonder sometimes if the music has to be good and the quality of the cd recording has to be good in order to sell cd copies. I'm not convinced here either. Someone could put out a lousy set of pieces on a cd format and sell thousands even with a pathetic looking cover. I've seen this happen a few times. And I am happy for them. I really am. It does throw out all the hard work we do out the window. Live concerts so far seem to be the way to go to sell product. My intiution tells me that cds are fading and fading despite what the big shots tell me. I'm going with my gut feeling. Paradoxically however, I'm presently getting ready in a few months to record my 8th solo piano recording and I will put it out in cd form. Will it be my last one? Everything changes folks. Everything. Nothiing is permanent..the 45 single wasn't, the 33 album wasn't, the cassette didn't, and the cd won't either. Where do we go from here? That question dances continously in my spirit. Live shows baby. Bye 4 now, peace, Mark
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Theo's New Album Released - "Solitude"

Introducing Theo’s fifth album - “Solitude” released July 17, 2010 - featuring acoustic guitar sounds of the Horabe, Godin, and Guild guitars. All compositions are by Theo Rego except for “Desert Bonding (Buzz Tones)” composed by James Rego & Theo.

When I was a kid in Southeast, Kentucky, always enjoyedvisiting my cousin Nicky in his parent's house in the forest and mountains. When I saw his painting, it remindedme of the solitude we shared in a placewhere we caught crawdadies during the day(or at least tried), the forest was so thick that the sun never hit the ground,and a night sky with only the moon & stars to guide you (along with the fire flies). It was then that Ifell in love with the forest and mountains.

During my music studies, one of my favorite classes was comparative arts which strived to inter-relatemusic and painting. It was then that I realized that music and painting arerelated in a way never imagined – music that paints colors with a palette ofharmony and paintings that sing a melody (if we only take time to listen.)Hopefully, you will stop and listen to the “Solitude” painting byNicky Kapitan ....

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Hello Members,

this is a Message for all Members who live in Germany/Bavaria.

On July 15 we have a Percussion-Workshop and in the Evening an amazing Gong-Meditation with the german Gong-Musician Jens Zygar around the Fireplace in the New Age Radio Sound Garden.

Interested People are very welcome ... please sene me a message and let me know.

If you wanna visit from outside Germany, you are also very welcome ;)

Many Blessings,


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New Age Solo Pianist James Cahall's FREE Official iPhone/iPad Application featuring music, news, upcoming performances, photos, videos & more is now available on Apple iTunes!

Stay connected with all the latest updates from James on your iPhone and/or iPad.

James Cahall
New Age Solo Pianist
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A reminder for all who qualify - I would highly recommend to join the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). (Or renew your membership)

They have now a social network online - Grammy365 - really cool. I have been a member for over 20 years. Besides the many benefits, the academy offers you can also make a difference in the outcome of the GRAMMY® process as a voting member!

Join here:

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Mexico Journey 2010

Dear Friends,

I promised to share some stories about my recent journey to Mexico. It’s taken me a little while, but here it is at last!

This trip was my second one to the Yucatan Peninsula, the home of the Mayan people. It was in the Yucatan in December 2006, that I met my first crystal skull – a meeting that you could say, changed my life. (2006 story)

In March-April this year, following a two-day Crystal Skull conference in Merida, our group of thirty travelled through some of the most important Mayan Temple sites, led by Mayan expert, shaman and spiritual guide, Miguel Angel Vergara and Mayan teacher Erik Solis. Myself and two other very experienced skull caretakers – Star Johnsen Moser and ShavatY - carried our skulls with us, as did of many of the participants who are also skull caretakers. Our intention for this journey was to help to reactivate the Crystal Skull consciousness in the Mayan temples and within ourselves, through sacred ceremony.

left to right Miguel Angel, Star, ShavatY, Lia, Trudy, Eric & Richard

I felt very confident that on this particular trip, we were going to be in very good hands. Both Miguel Angel and tour organizer Trudy Woodcock had been an integral part of the 2006 tour I’d been part of, so there was every reason to expect a very special experience. We were not disappointed!

The chosen group of presenters was a global mix as were the participants. Michel Angel and Eric Solis from Mexico, Star Johnsen from the US, ShavatY from Europe, Richard Jelusich from Canada and myself from Australia, formed the masthead of an International group that included people from the US, Canada, Holland, the UK, Brazil, Trinidad and Australia. And I think it’s safe to say that what took place during both the conference and the two-week Journey of Hope, enriched the lives of every single one of those participants, in a most profound way. This large international group bonded so powerfully, that plans are already underway to reunite in the Yucatan next year, to continue the important work begun on this trip.

I arrived in Merida with a sense of great excitement and anticipation, laced with a flutter of nervousness! I do not consider myself an expert on the Crystal Skulls, so to be invited to present at this conference felt like quite a responsibility. I’ve been powerfully and intuitively led into a journey with the Crystal Skulls - a journey that seems to be accelerating by the day. I’ve come to believe that these Crystal Beings are a vitally important part of the shift that humanity is currently undergoing. The more I allow myself to trust, and follow my intuition, the more the Skulls seem to lead me to places, people and experiences I could not possibly have imagined, four years ago.

The conference in Merida was a wonderful way to start our journey. It was a time for us to get to know each other; to meet fellow skull caretakers and their skulls; to exchange information and open up to the energies of the land of the Maya, which has been linked to the skulls for thousands of years.


It’s amazing how quickly like-minded people can become ‘family’! After just two days, it was sad to part from those who were unable to join us on the ‘Journey of Hope’. Goodbyes we reluctantly made, amidst promises to connect again sometime soon.

Our first temple ceremony took place at Ake. Although it was March 21st - the day of the Solstice - it had been decided that Ake, rather than the more obvious Chichen Itza, would be a much better place for our first Temple ceremony. Being Easter weekend as well as the Solstice, Chichen Itza would be crammed with hundreds of people and be log-jammed with tour buses.

What a wonderful decision….Ake is not a major tourist venue so we had the place almost entirely to ourselves. This is a simple site when compared with many of the elaborate pyramid structures of other Mayan temple sites. Simple but very powerful - the energies in Ake have a purity of essence that was reflected in my own personal and quite dramatic experience of the place.

We set up our skull altar directly in front of the main temple with it’s beautiful towering, symmetrical columns.


As we stood in a circle around the skulls, each person was cleansed with fragrant copal incense as Michel Angel called on the Guardians of the Temple and the Four Directions, for permission and blessings for the group.


The purpose of our first temple activation ceremony was to awaken the sacred knowledge and send out a vibration of love and wisdom around the world – a message of Love, Hope, and Peace for the healing of our planet and humankind.


Our ceremony complete, each of us was given corn and seeds so that we could make personal offerings, wherever we saw fit. I felt a strong pull toward the long path that lead directly from the main temple, to a large ‘Stela’ standing in the distance in front of another pyramid. Initially, I thought that I was heading toward the pyramid but as I walked, singing (channeling) to the land as I moved, the large skull headed crystal wand in my hand, directed me specifically off the pathway.

6graphic.jpgAs ‘my work’ progressed, I found myself moving backwards toward the pathway again. Then suddenly, I came crashing to the ground – corn, seeds and wand flying out of my hands! When the initial shock and pain subsided and I began to pick myself up, I realized my fall had been caused by a very large circular stone, situated about midway between the main temple and the Stela. There, lying beside it, was my beautiful wand, shattered into four pieces. Although relatively new to me, this skull wand had become a very personal and precious ceremonial tool. I’d acquired it at the World Mysteries Conference in Arizona last year, directly from its carver, world-renowned skull carver Leandro De Souza.

7graphic.jpgI found myself repeatedly saying to myself, ‘Why has this happened, why has this happened?” as somehow, I felt that this was no ‘accident’. I picked up the four pieces and was led to do ceremony firstly on the rock I’d fallen over – I felt its connection to a very powerful energy below it, deep down in the earth - and then at the Stela beyond. This Stela had what looked like ‘blow holes’ in one side. As I left it, after singing into these holes, I was moved to place a piece of my broken wand inside one of them, as a gift.

Unbeknownst to me, another member of the group had been a witness to my personal ceremony at the Stela. As I finished she said ‘Lia, have a look at the Stela again….it’s not just a Stela…” I turned to look at it with a gasp of realization – on one side this Stela was quite definitely the shape of a skull! Not only that, it was almost identical to the shape of the skull head on my broken wand which interestingly, had broken off - decapitated - to form a perfect ‘new’ skull.


For me, this event on the first day of our tour indicated the significance of the journey we were embarking upon. Read Lia's full Mexico adventure here.....


New Website!

website.jpgIt has been months of work but now it is done! My indefatigable and very clever web guru Samantha has just put the finishing touches to the ‘new look’ Sounds of Sirius website.

I hope you will find the site even easier to navigate than before as well as a visual pleasure to behold! There’s a new shopping cart going up soon too, so the online store will get even better too!

Sounds of Sirius Jewellery – new pieces!

AeshnaDSCN3546.jpgSome truly beautiful new pieces have been added to the collection. These are totally one-off pieces, lovingly created in collaboration with Lindy Sullivan, around pendants that I picked up on my travels to the US, Bali and Mexico. If you like Dragonflies, you are in for a treat!
SOS Jewellery collection

June special - 20% off all Hermes Far Eastern Shining

The Alchymie of the Australian based Hermes Far Eastern Shining, is about Heart Awakening. Each Energy Tool holds a specific Alchymeic Intention that aids in the transformation and dissolution of karmic patterns that would ordinarily lock us into limitations and repetitive cycles. These Energy Tools are designed to support an awakening at the Heart for people who are intuiting the need for growth and transformation.

The Hermes Far Eastern Shining products offered in the Sounds of Sirius online store, are pre-loved by Lia! They are all however, in ‘as new’ condition. The prices listed are up to 80% off the recommended retail price, presenting a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in exploring these beautiful alchymeic products.

New on Sound of Sirius You Tube channel - No Arms No Legs No Worries!

When you watch this video, you will feel that you should never complain about any single thing in your life again! This man is a total inspiration.

For more inspirational videos visit

Meeting with Aboriginal Elder - Cairns

tommy-george.jpgThere is a possibility I can to arrange a gathering in order that people may meet with Aboriginal Elder Tommy and Victor read more about Aboriginal Elder Tommy. If any of you from the Cairns area would like such a gathering to take place, please email me.

Here are a couple of interesting websites that show something of the work Elder Tommy George and Victor are doing to preserve the ancient Aboriginal knowledge for future generations.

World Mysteries Conference – Arizona October 2010


Lia and her crystal skulls, Jomcata Mayab and She’Shona, will join with many other powerful presenters, including indigenous Mayan Grandmother Healer, Grandmother Flordemayo and Mayan shaman and teacher, Miguela Angel Vergara, to bring in the energies of the 10.10.10
Read more about this truly unique and very special event

Shift of the Ages


The Shift of the Ages film shares the Mayan Cosmo-Vision and Prophecy through the wisdom and teachings of Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf, Grand Elder of the living Maya.

The National Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala has an important message for the world. Their leader, Grandfather Cirilo, the protagonist of the Shift of the Ages film, discloses previously unavailable visions, concepts and ancient prophecies. Many people know that a grand cycle of the famous Mayan Long Count Calendar ends in the 2011-2012 time frame, but they may be misinformed about its meaning. The Shift of the Ages film offers a unique transformative experience through Mayan wisdom at a time that this ominous and auspicious “shift” has many people reeling under the load of enormous, unprecedented change.

I hope this finds you all well and happy! And I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my Mayan travels. Perhaps some of you will decide to be part of the Journey of Hope in March 2011 – check the Calendar page of my website for more details coming soon.

Love and Blessings,


visit our online store


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