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New Age Music Meetup

There are 2 New Age Music Meetup Groups. One in San Jose, CA and one in Los Angeles, CA (which I started today). I believe it is important to meet and connect with each other on a personal level. Our meetup groups can sponsor concerts, seminars, gatherings, presentations and other new age music related events...

Please join and/or
I would also like to encourage other members to create meetup groups in their hometown / area to connect the community. Let me know of any new groups, meetings, gatherings etc. We can do so much more as groups to support each other and to create more awareness about our music and conscious and transformational entertainment in general.


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New Fairy Tales Section has created

I am glad to share some good news with you! A new Fairy Tales Section (thanks to Marleen's great work on the site!) has been created at my site
I invite you to visit Fairy Tales Section and to read the first fairy tale from my "THE ADVENTURES OF MISTER SKRUTKA AND HIS FRIENDS" series. I look forward to know your perceptions of the fairy tale named "A FAIRY TALE OF A YOUNG FROG NAMED YOMAKO AND A MAGIC ARTILLERY". Besides, I'd like to know your opinions about the quality of translation.
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Yoga and Music

UK magazine Yoga and Health May issue has an article on how I connect music and yoga

How I Came to Yoga

Yoga has been part of my life for many years. I was lucky to become
familiar with yoga when I was very young as my aunt – Tonna Pade - was one of
the pioneers in Denmark, teaching yoga. She started teaching yoga in Denmark in
the early 70ties. And it was she that introduced me to the yoga breathing, for
which I have been grateful ever since. She died 6 years ago, but I think about
her, every time I do yoga, and have kept an old cassette where she gives
instructions, teaching a very mental form of yoga. She has been a great inspiration and
help to me during many years.

In the early 80ties I started following regular yoga classes and got
addicted. I could feel the energy and flow as a result of the yoga exercises
and the increasing mental awareness.

Being a musician, this mental state of awareness is essential. When I
compose I am nowhere else but in my music. This wonderful state of flow is what
everyone can achieve through yoga.

That is why I made the album flow.

My aim with the album is to help people
concentrate on the ongoing process and achieve awareness. It seems as I
succeeded as some psychologists are using the music in mindfulness and yoga
teachers are playing my music in their classes.

Copenhagen Yoga - the
place where I take lessons myself - was so kind to test the music in their yoga
classes. Their feedback helped me to adjust the music before the final
recordings were made, so I was absolutely sure that the music is working as a
perfect soundtrack for performing yoga. Copenhagen Yoga is based on Hatha yoga,
but has a great variety of classes; yoga for children, teenagers, Dynamic yoga
and Vinyasa yoga. My favorite is doing yoga with a maximum of flow.

For 17 years I have
started every day doing a short yoga programme half an hour first thing in the
morning. I always use music; often classical music like Bach and Arvo Pärt, or
Armenian duduk music. Sometimes I use my album flow and I am happy
that the music accompanies my own yoga flow.

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Why do we love songs about rainbows?Because we all have a rainbow system within our bodies called the chakra system. Each chakra has a specific color and theme which goes with them - red (our familiar grounding and sexual centre); orange (creativity); yellow (self worth, courage); green (love, our heart vibration); blue (speaking our truth); indigo (intuition) and violet (how we connect with god, spirit).What does "Beyond Illusion" do?On this CD, Kristin tones with a crystal singing bowl for each chakra. The crystal bowl combined with her voice vibrates directly into your chakra system to remove any blockages that are not good for you - whether it's a habit of not thinking good thoughts about yourself, not speaking your truth or not loving yourself - it gets to the core and shakes that yucky stuff right out!Besides the healing benefits of "Beyond Illusion - it is proving a popular new age therapy. It's non invasive, simple to use and it's cheaper than any pill you can pop! It's long lasting and everytime you listen you will have a different experience.Welcome to the new medicine of sound ... change your world.Available from iTunes Worldwide or from
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Hello everyone,

Just to let you know, we have been working on a new shopping cart system which will allow your website visitors to add your CDs and MP3s to a single shopping cart, embedded on your website! The system is easy to setup and cheap to run. To find out more please visit:

If you are not a member of our network, you will need to login. Alternatively let me know and I can email you the details directly.

Best wishes


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Quiescence Music Celebrates 10 Years Online!

The year was 2000, the cusp of a new millennium. The Internet was big and about to get a whole lot bigger. And composer-teacher Edward Weiss had an insight:

I constantly saw business after business starting up online stores and selling products. But the same technology that could sell books and software could also be used to help people learn new skills. Playing the piano was one of them.

And so Quiescence Music was born an online academy of music where anyone with a computer, a musical keyboard and the desire could learn to play piano.

Edwards approach took the mystique and trepidation out of learning to play. People who never thought they had a musical bone in their body were not only able to master the chords, but actually compose their own musical scores, particularly New Age music.

As Edward describes:

I chose New Age music because this style just seems to naturally flow along with learning to play. Its a liberating, inner expression of music one that students pick up almost without any conscious thought.

Success may have been initially slow, but year by year the sites popularity grew and so did Edwards reputation.

In fact, endorsed by one of the grand masters of New Age music David Lanz, and listed on the prestigious Steinway & Sons compilation of professional teachers, Edward has gained a bit of well deserved fame himself.

Says Weiss:

I never thought a giant like David Lanz, with multiple platinum albums to his credit, would even notice my work, much less enthusiastically endorse it. But he did, and soon after that Steinway gave me their thumbs up as well. Its been an interesting decade.

For anyone wanting to put their untapped talents (and their unused pianos) to use, starting couldn't be simpler. Edwards method is basically Look, Listen and Learn. He promises his online direction can teach anyone to play the piano or electronic keyboard and be composing their own New Age piano music right away.
His detailed video instructions provide everything needed except of course the keyboard. For more information, visit Edward's website at
Read more… #1325The Light of The ChristOn this day we Celebrate the Gift of Eternal LifeThe Love of Christ for God was rewardedand by giving up His physical bodyand releasing himself to become One with His FatherHe was Transformed by the Lightand was able to be reborn into his Light BodyThe Christ is Alive Still in this Radiant Body of LightHis Love still guides the WayHis Truth still Shines with the absolute Pure energy of GodWe are still Able to Reach himAnd he is still able to Teach us the Way to Christed ConsciousnessHis Message Still Speaks to usAnd inspires us to Love as he lovedTo become the LightAs he Became the LightTo have Faith as He had FaithAnd to Forgive as he ForgaveAnd to Live Eternally with the Light and Love of GodUntil we are all joined with the Holy SpiritAnd we bring Heaven to EarthToday we Rejoice in the Eternal LightWe give thanks for the Perfect loveFor the Christ is AliveAnd with us today and always
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