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Join us on Saturday, March 27th at Drom in New York City as we present our finalists for Clash of the Artists 2010. The online voting will come to an end on March 10th and the stage will be set for an exciting night of international art, music and performance. This will be AFP's biggest and best event of the year and you don't want to miss it.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE (Voting ending on March 10th)


The night begins when you walk through the door and receive your ballot for the evening. As you enjoy complimentary cocktails, you can view artwork from our top three in the visual arts competition. The energy will start to build as the first musical artists takes the stage for the live music competition. Next up is everyone's favorite part of the evening, the fashion show. Then we turn the lights down a bit and our guests groove to the beats from this years DJ finalists as they try bring the house down and win Clash of the Artists 2010. And who knows what to expect from the winner of the Creative category, but you'll find out on March 27th as they present their winning creation. But that's just where the fun begins. You will be part of this unique interactive process because your vote will help decide the winners.

To add to the fun this year, AFP will host an after-party featuring special performances from surprise musical guests and DJs.

And you know what really makes it all worth while, Clash of the Artists is a fundraiser for AFP's Art Education Program? So come out and experience an unforgettable night of live entertainment, support a great cause and experience something very different.

Over the last 5 years AFP has hosted and produced events in a variety of mediums, from traditional gallery showings, to fashion shows, live music performances, and small, cutting edge film screenings, as well as DJ showcases. With this event, we bring all of these elements together in one night.

*Your ticket includes admission to the event and after party, complimentary sponsored cocktails and drink specials, light food and a night of non stop entertainment.

Special guest DJ Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge) is our house DJ for the evening.


85 Avenue A (btw. 5th & 6th Streets)

New York, NY 10009

March 27th, 7PM - 12 midnight

Details for the after party TBA.

*Bottle Service and private tables are available. If interested contact

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by clicking on the link below. Tickets will go up to $25 on March 12th. Get your tickets early as this event will sell out. If tickets are available they will be $30 at the door.

After midnight, tickets will be $10 for the after party. Midnight to 4AM

Based in New York City, AFP seeks to increase the visibility of talented artists and to provide arts education in under-served public schools and communities. Proceeds from Clash of the Artists will help support AFP's growing art education program.

AFP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

"Creative Culture Accelerating Social Change"

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Sonoran Journeys

Its raining in the Sonoran Desert. I'll be doing some local gigs this week and next at Carefree Art & Wine Festival and Border's Music & Cafe. A busy 60 days with shows or appearances every week! My latest release Sonoran Journeys is getting into the hearts and souls of those for whom the music is intended. It never ceases to amaze me. Full calendar on, with some free downloads.
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Canta ta ta

here the song Canta ta ta.. please have a listening of the track in the player.

Italian Lyric

Un ricciolino di un Bambino moro nel vento sta'
e l'Albero che odora nell'aiuola nel vento sta'
il ricciolino vola sull'aiuola, nel vento sta'
e fra le foglie e i rami lui si infila, nel vento sta'
ed in un nido di uccellini si posera'
ora il ricciolino sta' nel nido e Canta ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta..

English translation

A Child's brown curl is in the wind
and the Tree that smells in the flowerbed is in the wind
the curl flies over the flowerbed, is the wind
and among the leaves and branches it slips, is in the wind
and in a nest of bird it will be placed
now the curl hair is in the nest and Sing ta ta
ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta..

The song is an extract of the Ep "Seeds" available on Amazon & Itunes
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Greetings everyone!

Hello dear friends whom I haven't met quite yet.

My name is Eric Geoffrey and I would love to know what you feel and think about my new musical expression. You see, I am awakening to the grandeur of the evolutionary perspective and how it empowers my spiritual path. From this place I am discovering a musical expression reflective of my awakening that I call Biophile. It is an unfolding series of musical journeys that act as signposts along the way towards ever greater authentic awakening. I sincerely hope that you might be inspired to awaken further by listening to them, and I would love to hear about it if you do.

I have never done anything like this before, and am pretty excited about how this feels to me. I completely understand that this music is not relaxation music, even though I have a couple of friends who say they love to listen to it while they do yoga and pilates. But it does feel significant to me as sonic translations of the various inner landscapes that I have learned how to visit.

I do hope you enjoy these sonic stimulations!

Yours in the great awakening unfolding,

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Sounds of Sirius - February News

Dear Friends,

2010 - can you believe it? It seems like just three or four years ago that we celebrated the Millenium but a decade has passed already! This year, I brought in the New Year in Bali and the last time I had done that was in the Millenium year! So much has happened in that 10 years - i'm sure for you as well as me!

Speaking of Bali..what a beautiful country and what beautiful people.


I was a little sad however, to see how things have changed in the 10 years. Development has forged ahead, despite the setbacks of the terrorist threats. Unfortunately there are not the structures in place yet, to protect the interests of this lovely island and its people. That said, Bali offers so much that is uplifting to the soul. The Balinese practice a unique form of Hinduism that involves daily ceremony. Apparently, Balinese women spend one third of their waking hours, preparing for ceremony, doing ceremony and cleaning up after ceremony. It is a beautiful thing to see men women and children, so graceful and elegant in their traditional dress, straight-backed with elaborate offerings balanced on their heads, making their way to the temple.


We were incredibly fortunate to be present at a very sacred temple in the north of Bali the day before the full moon and eclipse on December 31st. My skull Jomcata Maya travels with me wherever I go and I wanted him to receive the codings of some of Baliís most sacred places. To that end, our guide took us to the very sacred Temple of Tapaksering - the Temple of the Holy Springs. This temple site is so sacred to the Indonesian people that President Sukarno built a residence overlooking the temple itself.

It so happened that the day we visited was an important day in the Balinese Hindu calendar. Throngs of people were descending on the temple to bring offerings and to cleanse themselves in the waters, in preparation for the major full moon/equinox ceremonies the next evening.


What a privilege it was to be privy to this scene and to actually take some little part in it - I received a personal blessing from the temple priest.


And of course Jomcata Mayab was right there too - see him glinting at my knee! Just as exciting was being able to enter the temple bathing area and somehow, amidst all the crowds, find a quiet moment to bathe Jomcata directly in the cascading, pristine Holy Spring waters. (excuse the rather inelegant view of my derriere!)


To see this level of ceremony take place as part of the daily life of a whole community, is very special. We in the western world have lost so much of our traditional and ancestral knowledge and ways. There is something very moving about seeing a country, as a whole, engage in a way of life that incorporates ceremony and spirituality into every single day.


Jomcata Mayab also received the energy codings of two other very sacred Balinese sites. Firstly, the Temple and sacred beach at Legian - Baliís second biggest Temple. I bathed him in the ocean waters, undisturbed, for the best part of an hour. Here you see him getting buried deeper and deeper in the sacred sand, until he becomes like liquid crystal - almost indistinguishable from the waters he is immersed in!


And finally, we visited Tanah Lot, another one of Baliís most important Temple sites, perched right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.


Entry to the actual temple itself is allowed only to the temple priests or those Balinese who do special cleansing rituals and fasting before going in. Here again, I bathed and cleansed Jomcata Mayab in the ocean waters. As you can see, he looked pretty happy about the whole thing!!

View complete Bali Photo Gallery

Some of you may be thinking 'Is she mad?!! What is all this nonsense about bringing a crystal skull to these places'?? Well, when I first became the caretaker of Jomcata Mayab, the young Mayan shaman Kayun told myself and the others whose skulls had sat in ceremony with his powerful Atlantean skull,"Carry these skulls with you wherever you go. They have now received the ancient knowledge and codings of this skull".

And Skull expert, Jaap Van Etten - one of the presenters at the Arizona 09.09.09 Skull conference I attended, says this about activating skulls...

"When a contemporary skull is carved it is like a blank slate. It contains earth information, but no other information has been downloaded. Whether this will happen depends on the caretaker and what (s)he does with this skull. Bringing the skull to sacred places, bringing it in contact with other skulls, especially ancient ones, and allowing people to work with them, will increase the information stored. In this way crystal skulls become an increasing valuable tool on our path of transformation."

On receiving my first skull - although I knew nothing about crystal skulls - I somehow instinctively knew this to be true, which is why I started to bring Jomcata Mayab to any place I believed had high vibrational or sacred energies. He has become quite a well-travelled skull in the last three years! This is also the reason I committed to make Jomcata and my other powerful skulls accessible to others so that they and their crystals and skulls could receive those energy codings too.

Which brings me to news about a current event where I'll be doing just that!

On the evening of February 10th - a very synchronistic date as it turns out - 10-02-2010!! - I'll be holding a Crystal Skull event in Cairns, Queensland.

Apart from these Balinese sacred sites, myself and my skulls Jomcata Mayab and She-Shona, recently had the privilege at the Arizona conference, to sit in individual private session with ancient skulls Synergy, Sha-Na-Ra, Rainbow, Rosie, Maya, Sam, ancient Tibetan skulls Luzi, Ezorok and Amar, as well as the extraordinary Orb of Atlantis. After the conference, I travelled with a group of five very special women to Sedona. There, with ancient skulls Luzi and Ezorok, we performed sacred ceremony at several of Sedona's powerful energy vortexes. The doors also opened for us to travel into the Land of the Hopi Indians, where we did ceremony at the very sacred Prophecy Rock.

I am holding this Crystal Skull event in order that those who are interested, may bring their own skulls or crystals to receive the powerful energy codings of those ancient skulls and sacred places. Crystal skulls communicate with each other and with us! I will channel through the Sounds of Sirius on the night, to help activate the energies within the skulls and within all of us.

Here are the details - they also in the poster that can be downloaded from the website:-


Chrysalis Centre

129 Mulgrave Road
Wednesday February 10th

Registration: 6.30pm
Start time: 7.00pm

Investment: $50.00
Bookings: Lia Scallon

Tel - 0419 486 073

click here for PDF print version



I have some very exciting news to report! As part of the launch of the Sounds of Sirius CDs in the US, I decided to go back into the studio and create a new Sounds of Sirius Compilation CD! This new CD contains extracts from all seven of my individual Sounds of Sirius CD titles. These extracts have been very carefully selected so that each one is a meditation in it's own right. When producing the album, I had in mind people with busy lifestyles who would like to spend time meditating or relaxing but just can't seem to find that time - which is probably most of us these days! The tracks on the Compilation are between 4.50mins to 9.30mins, so each one can be used as a stress-buster at the beginning or end of the day or even during someone's tea-break or lunch hour.

The Compilation CD will be released by my Australian distributors this coming month and will be launched in the US on March 1st. You, however, are getting a sneak preview! I am making the CD available through my website right away! Priced at $19.95 - well below normal RRP - I am hoping many people will be drawn to experience these beautiful short meditations, including those who may already have already enjoyed the full hour long Sounds of Sirius albums. BUY NOW!



I am also very excited to announce the birth of the new Sounds of Sirius Jewellery Collection! Each piece in the collection has been created through a design collaboration between myself and the very talented Queensland jewellery designer, Lindy Sullivan. I met Lindy eight years ago when I arrived in Far North Queensland and during that time she has created some exquisite jewellery pieces from me. We have always taken great delight in designing these pieces together, finding ways to use beautiful crystal gems, and rework outdated jewellery I've had sitting in a box for years! I try to tell myself that I should be divesting myself of these worldly goods, but my Chinese zodiac sign is the Snake and the Snake likes to be surrounded by things of beauty ... that's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it!! Lindy's design brand and jewellery store is named 'So Unforgettable' and that is exactly what each of the pieces in this Collection is - unforgettable!


I sourced each of the crystal pendants that form the main feature of each necklace, as well as most of the smaller quartz beads and then Lindy worked her magic on creating each design. Being mostly crystal, I have taken care that each one of these stunning necklaces has been lovingly cleansed. Each has also spent time sitting with my Crystal Skull family, in readiness for going its new owner.

Part of this cleansing process is a story in itself! I bedecked my skulls Jomcata Mayab and She'Shona with all the necklaces and placed them on the earth to be cleansed and charged by the tropical rain.


As I placed them there, the exhilaration of being in the rain caused my channel to open and I spent some lovely time just singing to the beautiful rainforest and hills around me. As the rain abated and everything seemed to glisten, newly washed, I took some photographs of the bejewelled skulls. Imagine my excitement when I looked at the photos and saw several beautiful Angel orbs had been there with me!


It's no wonder really, that the skulls and Orbs like being in this place. Over the years since I've lived in this region, Iíve come to realise that these mountains are full of crystal - so prolific is it that you can see it just sitting on top of the earth. Some say this area is part of the ancient Lemuria. These crystalline mountains certainly emanate a very powerful energy. As I photographed the jewellery and skulls I notices several pieces of mother quartz, peaking out from the earth.


I hope you like the new Sounds of Sirius Jewellery Collection. Personally, I think it is wonderful to be able to access the energies of the ancient skull and sacred places at will, by wearing an exquisite, lovingly designed jewellery creation!

See more Photos of Jewellery being cleansed and receiving the energy coding of Lia's Crystal Skulls

New Shipment of Crystal Skulls


I have just received a new shipment of 22 crystal skulls! Some of these are the largest skulls I have been able to offer to date up to 2.2 kg and several of them are of a very unusual style of carving - ET style with elongated cranium. Some of the larger ones do have quite marked fissures in them, which is reflected in their affordability in relation to their size. As you may know, the clarity and perfection of the quartz is a major factor in its price. That said, if you're like me, total clarity is not what you're looking for. Inclusions are what can give a skull personality, creating rainbows and veils and other interesting features inside the crystal. I am a rainbow girl myself, and I will overlook most other flaws if there's a rainbow to be seen! These rainbow inclusions can be absolutely mesmerizing, drawing you into the skull and through doorways and portals that can lead to different dimensional experience. As you've guessed, many of these pieces have rainbow inclusions! These skulls are now available in the Sounds of Sirius online store.

Sounds of Sirius Online Store - Monthly Specials

I have decided to make a monthly special offer available in the Sounds of Sirius online store. To celebrate the arrival of the new skull shipment, the special for February is:-


Sounds of Sirius You tube Channel

The Sounds of Sirius Youtube channel is now up and running and there are some really interesting videos for you to view and share. I hope you enjoy this new information site.

Bringing Healing & Hope to Humankind and Mother Earth

Yucat·n, Mexico
March 18 - April 2, 2010

Join Crystal Skull Caretakers; Lia Scallon, Star Johnsen-Moser, and ShavatY, from Australia, America, and Europe, along with Maya teachers Miguel Angel Vergara and Erik Solis, both from Yucat·n, on this exploration of the Maya Ancient Wisdom and the Crystal Skulls.

This skull conference in Mexico is right around the corner! If you are still thinking about joining us, we would love to see you there. This is going to be a very special trip for every one of us - and fun too!


And then later in the year there is the amazing conference in Arizona where many of the worldís major skulls will assemble again to bring in the energies of the 10.10.10.

You will find more detail about each of these unique events on the workshop page of my website:-

As you can see, this 2010 year is already shaping up to be another rollar-coaster! Hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride!!

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative
And the Universe is endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear enough request,
And everything your heart desires
Must come to you.

Shakti Gawain

Wishing you as always

Love and Blessings,

visit our online store


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Constance Demby presents
"Music from the Heart of Love"

An Inaugural Event

Sat,Febuary 20, 8:30 pmand/or Sun, February 21, 7:30 pm

This is an opportunity to be in the presence of rarefied music
which generates profound sonic vistas, performed in the intimate
setting of Constance's home recording studio. In a career spanning
three decades, the healing power of this music has inspired thousands
of testimonials from those who have been transformed by the tones
and frequencies transmitted through Constance from the Sound Current.

“A realm of consciousness that words can only attempt to describe."
-Deepak Chopra

She will perform on the ancient Santur / Hammer Dulcimer, the Cosmic
Electronic Symphonic Orchestra, and the Sonic Steel Space Bass, an
originally designed, massive instrument that transmits powerful subsonic
frequencies, invariably putting audiences into deep altered states.
The Space Bass has been described as "a transdimensional communication
device, a gateway to other dimensions, a chakra tuner-upper, an atom
rearranger, whales in space" and many other poetic analogies.

“One of the world's greatest living musicians, Constance Demby may well be the most important woman composer of classical and innovative music of our time.”
Jean Houston, Phd

Space limited-reserve early!



Malibu, 10 min from Santa Monica

: $35- Prepaid reservations thru Paypal

SAT, Feb 20 - 8:30 pm / SUN, Feb 21 - 7:30 pm

"Demby isn’t just a musician , she is something altogether different:a portal, a walking catalyst, an event.”-emusic

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Written by Lauranne "CelticWitch817" BeckettAfter listening to the new release of MaterDea's “Below the Mists, Above the Brambles”, I felt very relaxed and calm. I loved the mixture of different instruments, nature sounds, and beautiful vocal scores.The emotion and the music intertwine to put the body in a relaxing state and washes over the listener. The way the artists represent the elements and nature in their music is intoxicating. The combination of Simon Papa and Marco Strega's voices are very soothing. This used with the music and the background singing strings together a full bodied mixture of relaxation and tranquility. I enjoyed how I felt at one with the songs and the nature being portrayed within the music. ......Read the full article HERE.
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I recently posted a video I made on karma - it was more an excuse to string together a couple of images I liked to a piece of music I did that seemed more like a soundtrack than a stand-alone track. Anyway, since then I started thinking about karma ... what a fascinating subject.Some people reason that is has to do with past lives, some people are poetically Zen about it on a cause and effect biospheric and even cosmic level: the flap of a butterfly's wings in California may cause an earthquake in China. The Rolling Stones sang "You get what you give". Quite simply it may may as the Bible mentions, or the righteous minded :-) "you reap what you sow". It's probably this and much more, on a universal level that includes the philosophy found in the ancient Vedas, the yin-yang of it all from the balance of the Tao in action, to catching the best waves at your local surf spot. As it is for me with spirituality that easily gets confused with religion - I suggest you don't color your karma with religious perspectives. Like Spirit, God, Life, Chi, Prana it cannot really be grasped by the thinking mind. But we are always part of nature, be it the stupefying power of a destructive hurricane, and when we gaze inwards in meditation with wonder as a breath unfolds.
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