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Sisu is the second album from award winning composer and pianist Jennifer DeFrayne. This album is dedicated to her Finnish heritage and has already received praise from noted reviewer Bill Binkelman who stated Jennifer DeFrayne's 'Sisu' is not just better than her debut ( By a Wire ), which is already high praise, but it is a work of such emotional depth, technical artistry, and self-assuredness, that I am left wondering 'Where has this remarkable woman been all this time?' 

Sisu is a deeply personal musical voyage that you will want to take many times, exploring the nooks and crannies in each track. The Finnish term sisu is a universal capacity which we all share Perseverance, Courage, Endurance, Determination, Grit, Fortitude, Bravery, Spirit, Resilience, Inner Strength and more. Jennifer DeFrayne, a self-taught pianist, has this to say about how the songs on the album came about: Each song embraces the spirit of sisu, reflects its many characteristics, and is in honor of my Finnish heritage.

Read all about the music and the impressive list of contributing musicians here!


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Who says you have to spend years in a conservatory in order to play the piano. Not pianist and online teacher Edward Weiss who says it's a lot easier to play piano by chords and promises to teach anyone how to play in 30-days or less.

Mr. Weiss has developed a ‘new age’ approach to playing piano that, according to this eclectic teacher, can have anyone not only playing piano in less than a month, but also create their own music.

When asked how he accomplishes this remarkable feat, Edward Weiss comments:


“I have my students learn something called the ‘open position chord’ first. It’s a special chord structure that allows the complete beginner to play piano with both hands right away. Not only that, it’s a modern sounding chord structure. Most teachers start students off with triads. And while these are still used, they aren’t very modern sounding. My approach bypasses the antiquated classical method to get students improvising and creating on their own, usually, in just a few hours.”

Not the usual method of instruction to say the least, Mr. Weiss’s course has been online for over 10 years and thousands have taken it. The goal, according to this New Age piano teacher is to focus in and enjoy the process of creating while letting go of the outcome or need to produce a finished product. This process oriented approach is intended to ‘free up ‘ the student’s intuition and allow them to express themselves quickly and easily at the piano.

To learn more and to sign up for the course, visit http://www.Quiescencemusic.com

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