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This is from CD Baby's latest newsletter. Very good advice!

"Here are some ways you can avoid becoming annoying on Twitter, or any of your other social networks:

1. Self-promotion has its place, but it’s got to be part of a larger whole. People who use Twitter only to hype themselves are going to find it does just the opposite if you misuse it. No one wants to follow you if all you do is link to your album and your videos. It’s essential to let your followers know that stuff is out there, but if that’s all you do, people are going to stop paying attention real quick.

2. Keep your posts frequent, but not too frequent. This goes for Facebook, too. If you’re posting tweets or updates every 12 minutes, people are going to get sick of you clogging up their streams. You’re not the only person using the service, and you’re definitely not the only person with something interesting to say.

3. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything. Nobody cares if you’re “Just chillin’.”

4. Think before you post. Jokes don’t always come across in print the way they do in person, and sarcasm is tough to express online. Make sure your thoughts are clear before you risk offending anyone and/or alienating your friends and followers.

5. Leave politics out of it. The quickest way to alienate and upset people? Start spouting off your opinions on hot-button political issues. If people see you arguing online, they’re not going to be too enthused about getting to know you. If you need help managing your Twitter account, check out HootSuite or one of the other programs like it. They allow you to schedule tweets ahead of time, which is great for folks who have a lot to say, but not a lot of time to say it."
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