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New Age Music Planet Charity Album

Hi, I have gathered artists together for a charity album that will benefit the VH1 Save the music Foundation.

All the artists have kindly donated a track each for a download album which will be available at the end of September. It includes a track by Suzanne Doucet who has kindly provided this website for us to share our stories.

More details here:

The album includes International performers, award winners and much more.

Follow and join our Facebook Group for fuller information and updates.

You can listen to clips of the tracks of our artists on the website above and click on the image below for details of the charity.



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What's great about the NAMC...

I have been busy at work and life, and not spending as much time "digging in" here at "the Circle" as I used to do. In returning after some months, it was nice to see that we have so many new members, and LOTS of interest in SFTC XII...kudos to Suzanne Doucet for keeping it all going for 12+ years, my good friend is a TIRELESS promoter of the New Age genre and I truly hope someone gives her an award for it one of these days!

Another observation that I made about this group is how nice it is to visit a very "concentrated" community of New Age artists and fans, as opposed to searching the overwhelming Internet and the multitude of FB Groups that seem quite repetitive these days.  I think we are seeing a return to focused "forums" like this one...with the new ability to share images, videos and events that go far beyond the discussion groups of the 80s & 90s.

That said, this CIRCLE now has so much content and so many members, that it could be used 10x more than we currently use it...for sharing music & videos, finding collaborations, sharing contacts, creating a house concert network, cross-promoting your streaming accounts and videos, etc. 

I encourage you to visit more often, connect harder, share more and ASK for what you want and need...state your dreams and intentions! We are an audience of peers who "gets it."  

What would you like to see more of here on The Circle?

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The playlists is the easiest way to be really creative on Spotify, they can also be a very useful marketing tool.

Including your music in a playlist means more listeners, more sharing opportunities, more income, and the opportunity to take your music to the ears of music supervisors, many of whom listen to playlist as a way to find the right songs for TV productions and cinema.


That's why we encourage you to send your tracks by email so we can consider it for one of our playlists.

Which Spotify playlists will you choose?

We created a playlist for each mood. Send us your track for consideration. Don't forget... Follow the playlists and share them!.

Don't forget... Follow the playlists and share them!.

Top New AgeNovedades New AgeMusic for ESA (European Space Agency)El Reino de los Bosques

Top New Age

30 hours with the best of New Age music by Reviews New Age.


Novedades New Age

Descubre los últimos lanzamientos sobre música New Age con Reviews New Age.


Music for ESA (European Space Agency)

Music from Outer Space


El Reino de los Bosques

Elfos, duendes y hadas. Piérdete en un mundo fantástico con lo mejor de Enya, Mike Oldfield o Secret Garden.


Las Voces femeninas de la New AgeIntensive StudyCalm AmbientRelaxing Piano

Las Voces Femeninas de la New Age

Disfruta de las mejores cantantes femeninas que ha dado la New Age.


Intensive Study

Don't deviate from the subject!. The playlist that to helps you tune out the noise and focus on your studies.


Calm Ambient

Relájate y disfruta con una selección de los mejores temas Ambient. ¡Fuera stress!.


Relaxing Piano

Study, read or just relax listening the best relaxing piano.


Chill on the BeachDreamcatcher6 StringsInto the Code

Chill on the Beach

Warm rhythms for a relaxing day on the beach. Grab a good drink, lie down and enjoy!.



Rest and peace are assured with this selection with the best of the Native American Flute


6 Strings

Harmonics, arpeggios, chords... You'll find the best of the acoustic guitar in this playlist.


Into the Code

Get inspired and write the best code enjoying with the best electronic sounds and synthesizers included in this playlist for programmers and developers.


#RunningHappy DayChristmas SpiritYoga & Meditation


Escucha los temas más estimulantes con Reviews New Age mientras realizas #Running.


Happy Day

Cheer up!. A special selection of themes for a great day.


Christmas Spirit

The Magic of Christmas is present in this playlist with the best of New Age music.


Yoga & Meditation

The best soundtrack for practicing Yoga & Meditation exercises


Origins: New AgeTrick or TreatSleep My BabyHearts of Space Records: The Best of

Origins: New Age

Discover the golden age of new age music with this playlist!. The origins of new age music


Trick or Treat

The Halloween Playlist you'll want to play all day.


Sleep My Baby

The sweetest and most tender music so your Baby can rest.


The Best of Hearts of Space Records

Enjoy with the best selection of Hearts of Space Records


... Follow the playlists and share them!.

Discovering Music

© 2018 Reviews New Age. Todos los derechos reservados. |

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Here we go!

My second album "Hue of Indigo and Blue" will be released on April 15th 2017.



1. Hue of Indigo and Blue

2. Lux ex Tenebris

3. Silver Trees

4. Beneath the Yellow Sea

5. Ancestral

6. Buried Embers

7. Lament of the Righteous

8. Butterfly Dance

9. Restless Heart

10. Mono no Aware

11. Love on the Wall

12. Mabon

13. Caelum Noctis

14. Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours

This is the album sampler:

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Sisu is the second album from award winning composer and pianist Jennifer DeFrayne. This album is dedicated to her Finnish heritage and has already received praise from noted reviewer Bill Binkelman who stated Jennifer DeFrayne's 'Sisu' is not just better than her debut ( By a Wire ), which is already high praise, but it is a work of such emotional depth, technical artistry, and self-assuredness, that I am left wondering 'Where has this remarkable woman been all this time?' 

Sisu is a deeply personal musical voyage that you will want to take many times, exploring the nooks and crannies in each track. The Finnish term sisu is a universal capacity which we all share Perseverance, Courage, Endurance, Determination, Grit, Fortitude, Bravery, Spirit, Resilience, Inner Strength and more. Jennifer DeFrayne, a self-taught pianist, has this to say about how the songs on the album came about: Each song embraces the spirit of sisu, reflects its many characteristics, and is in honor of my Finnish heritage.

Read all about the music and the impressive list of contributing musicians here!


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SFTC Mention on New Age Stars Radio

Big thanks to JERRY ROCKWELL for the kind shout out on New Age Stars:  "I’m so humbled to be on Sounds from the Circle VI!! There are so many incredible artists on this collection! Suzanne Doucet and Beth Ann Hilton do such a great job of putting this together, and it is such a monumental task with 40 tracks! A number of these compilations are among my current favorite listening: The Gathering I and II, Music That Matters (to benefit South African children), several years of Sounds From The Circle: these all are great discovery tools for me and I’ve come upon some amazing new artists this way...."

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