Sveta Nedelja


August 23

Tell us about yourself

Amateur composer / producer from Croatia. Composing for more than 20 years, love different styles of music, mostly electronica, new age and world music.

What are your objectives and goals?

I try to transfer emotions I feel when creating music to others while they listen to it. If in some time of my life I manage to life out of that, even better :). My biggest goal is to create movie/series music.

What is your involvement with New Age Music

Composer / producer.

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  • Welcome Seraphus,

    and THANK YOU - for joining our circle! Great to have you here. Thank you for being a composer/producer and supporter of new age music. It is exciting to see people from all over the world connecting here. You can upload music in your player on your page, if you like. We hope you will find our community inspiring and useful. You might find some old and new friends here and connect with many members in our community.

    We have a play-list on our main page where we feature tracks from our members. Enjoy listening and please share your ideas with us. You can share music, videos, photos, comments and insights! You can create blogs and also participate in our Forum discussions. Send us your latest news from the New Age Music scene in your area! We have now over 1800 members from 70 countries, including many members from Europe.

    Your membership is free, however we have a monthly fee to pay to Ning, to keep this site alive with music players, videos, unlimited photos etc. Thanks to many members' donations we continue to be able to provide this platform. Thank you for your support! You can make a donation via PayPal to circle@newagemusic.com

    We hope you will enjoy the new age music network and circle, which has brought many artists, producers, reviewers, fans and radio hosts, as well as marketing experts and record labels together since 1987 and online since 2008. We are publishing a yearly compilation with 40+ artists and tracks from international albums and are getting ready for the next Sounds from the Circle X compilation Now. Please send your submissions and contact us if you would like more information at circle@newagemusic.com

    Best wishes


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