East Midlands


February 26

Tell us about yourself

Husband, Father & Pursuer of Heavenly Realms. I've been journeying through learning to walk in different dimensions for several years and pursue a deeper love and greater light.

What are your objectives and goals?

To become increasingly aware of perfect love and to manifest perfect love in every area of my life. I want to release a sound from a different reality into the earth to bring about restoration and change.

What is your involvement with New Age Music

My wife and I have been creating alternative music for several years. More recently we have begun exploring the nature of frequencies and how to create music that resonates with different, more pure, frequencies. Our intention is to release a sound from a different dimension.

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  • I think the best is to post stories in your Blog, and that goes into the feed? :)


  • Welcome...we'd like to hear more about those Heavenly Realms you mention!

  • Welcome Jonny,

    and THANK YOU - for joining our circle! Great to have you here. Thank you for being a new age artist and supporter of new age music. You will be able to connect with artists and industry members from all over the world here. We hope you will find our community inspiring and useful. You might find some old and new friends here and connect with many members in our community.

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    Best wishes

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