Los Angeles, CA

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My name is Beth Ann Hilton, and In the New Age world, I'm known for specializing in PR & Marketing for this market (http://www.thebcompany.com) since the early 2000s. Following several years in PR, Film/TV and then six years in marketing communications at Warner Music Group, I launched The B Company. On a greater level, I am simply a being who enjoys learning about the world and myself through experiences in life, work, friends and family. To relax, I enjoy working on developing my intuition, learning about herbal remedies, cooking, baking, writing, and, of course, listening to beautiful music. I enjoy enjoy working with artists and I am on the board of Musicians for Peace. This month, I hope to launch Home Harvest, a non-profit group that picks fruit from local yards to donate to homeless shelters and churches. I invite your questions, comments and community, thanks for being here!

What are your objectives and goals?

I feel blessed to help musicians and filmmakers sharing their work with the world. In the past years I've worked with Grundman, Jeffrey Fisher, Omar Akram, Ola Gjeilo, Torben Thoger, Paradiso, Ann Licater, Michele de Wilton, Fiona Joy Hawkins and more... My immediate objective is to organize my business data in a way that is highly-efficient, yet still personalized and customized for each clients needs and budgets. On a personal level, I have a goal to do more writing and painting...I'm an extremely vivid dreamer, and I would like to put my visions on canvas or into words.

What is your involvement with New Age Music

I am marketing and public relations consultant and strategist; please visit my website or contact me for more information. http://www.theBcompany.com

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  • Hi Beth - thank you, good to see you here as well.
    Best // Ronald

  • Hi Beth,

    Good here, thank you for asking. Extremely busy at work. How are you?  

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Beth.

    Many Blessings,


  • Thank You Beth.



  • Thanks for the welcome Beth. I enjoyed reading your profile.
  • Thank you, Beth!  I look forward to sharing more.

  • Thank you! :D I'd love to share some of my experiences. Where is the best place to discuss that kind of thing on here?

  • Thank you so much for your appreciation Beth! "Hue of Indigo and Blue" will be out 15 April 2017 worldwide

  • Thank you so much! 

  • Hell Beth! 

    Please accept my friendship. 

    Visit my profile or my website www.michelegiacobbe.webstarts.com

    My second album will be released 15 April 2017.

    Thank you!

  • Hey Beth, Thanks for reaching out. Looking forward to exploring and meeting folks.

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