Hi everyone, I'm really happy to meet you all here. 

I've been releasing music professionally for over 20 years now, and while I've been a fan of New Age music since the early 90s, I wasn't creating it on a serious level until only recently. My main commercial pursuits have been more in the post-rock world throughout my career, but post-rock has always had some sonic crossover with New Age, and as time has gone on, my music has gradually transformed into what can now only be called New Age music, in both sound and ethos.

While I have tons of professional experience and contacts in the rock world, I have literally none in the New Age world, and what I've learned throughout my career is that *scene is everything.* In other words, the industry players don't usually work across different genres. There are rock promoters, there are jazz promoters... and I am sure there must be New Age promoters. 

Do any of you folks know who the New Age promoters are? And how about the New Age labels? When I did my own research, it seemed to me that New Age labels fit into one of two categories:  Either they're so small and indie that they wouldn't offer any different from self-releasing, or they have recognizable artists but are all under the umbrella of Valley Entertainment, or are major label.

I really would like to perform my music in a live context, but specifically at New Age concerts. Can anyone point me in the right direction, such as venues, promoters, or festivals? I've toured worldwide with my other groups, so am accustomed to going literally anywhere. Please share your resources with me if you can!

Thanks so much everyone and stay safe-

Touch Abject

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  • I'm hoping to find the same info as you. It can be a bit difficult doing research into "new age music", as the term is often hijacked by artists in totally different genres that aren't aware that New Age is a genre in itself. 

    It also seems difficult to find other New Age artists that are interested in playing live. I too am hoping to find opportunities to perform live for audiences eager to hear our style of music. Specifically, I'm wondering if there are any booking agents that specialize in new age and contemporary instrumental artists. 

    We've already started a good network here, even if its just the two of us at the moment...but as long as we stay active on here, I think we can build it up relatively quickly. 


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